Tuesday, 21 August 2018

HELLOWEEN - New Live Release + New Studio Album + More Live Shows

A very special summer season, not only due to the tropical heat, is slowly coming to an end: Festivals have been rocked so hard that we would’ve been sweating even if mercury hadn’t been on a permanent high. Among the massive PUMPKINS UNITED WORLD TOUR’s open air highlights were, of course, the headline slots at Wacken, Barcelona’s Rock Fest and Masters of Rock – but also the mega gigs with IRON MAIDEN at Sweden Rock Festival and Florence’s Firenze Rocks in June were definitely shows we’ll remember for all eternity. Thanks to everyone who has been with us until now!

Fortunately the tour is by no means over, and dates in the US and Canada are next on the schedule – there will also be, due to the tremendous demand, additional dates in Latin America to follow: And as first class support, no other than KREATOR and ARCH ENEMY will be firing up the stages for the Pumpkins! Final shows with the full UNITED cast will take place at the end of 2018 with a right royal farewell blast: In Hamburg, right where all the madness started in 1984, PUMPKINS UNITED will burn down the house with the tour’s last show in the legendary Sporthalle on December 22nd.

For those, who mysteriously missed the tour – but also for everyone, who has been a part of it and would love to revisit those unique nights, the boys have recorded the very best moments. Goose bump inducing footage of the PUMPKINS UNITED WORLD TOUR, which has been reveled as “tour of the year” by fans and press everywhere, will be released as a live CD as well as on DVD and Blu-ray at the beginning of 2019, so that those nights can be celebrated over and over without even having to leave the sofa. For now, you can make the wait a bit more bearable with a stream of the full Wacken show at Magenta Music 360 right here: www.magenta-musik-360.de/helloween-pumpkins-united

As we are reeling from Wacken and preparing for the upcoming show in Bamberg, those maniacs are already launching the next sensation: For starters, Nuclear Blast has insisted to keep the band on their roster for a few more years, and – double bass drum roll – there will be a brand-new STUDIO ALBUM with KISKE AND HANSEN. With the band’s songwriting trio of Weikath, Hansen and Deris retreating to the studio together with these two exceptional singers in 2019, it’s clear that the album scheduled for 2020 will be no less than epic. If this news doesn’t get your blood pumping then maybe your proper rock baptism hasn’t happened yet – the rest of us are over the moon, because:


FINAL SHOWS: 07. Sep USA / Las Vegas, NV - House Of Blues 08. Sep USA / Los Angeles, CA - The Palladium 10. Sep USA / Chicago, IL - Concord Music Hall 12. Sep CAN / Montreal, QUE - Metropolis 14. Sep USA / Worcester, MA - Palladium 15. Sep USA / New York City - Irving Plaza 16. Sep USA / New York City - Irving Plaza 26. Okt COL / Bogota - Knot Fest 28. Okt SVL / San Salvador - CIFCO 31. Okt CHI / Santiago - Movistar Arena ** 02. Nov MEX / Mexico City - Arena CDMX ** 04. Nov MEX / Guadalajara - Foro Alterno 08. Nov ARG / Buenos Aires Luna Park ** ** special guests: KREATOR & ARCH ENEMY 06. Dez POR / Lissabon - Sala TEJO 08. Dez ESP / Sant. de Compostela - Fontes do Sar B.E.C 14. Dez GER / Ravensburg - Oberschwabenhalle 15. Dez GER / Karlsruhe - Knockout Festival 18. Dez SWE / Stockholm - Arenan 21. Dez GER / Bamberg - Brose Arena 22. Dez GER / Hamburg - Sporthalle

Monday, 20 August 2018

Simon Hinkler (The Mission) releases new EP "Moving On" September 7th

On 7th September Simon Hinkler proudly releases Moving On on Correctitude Records.

Simon began his musical career in the early 1980's Sheffield, first with Artery, with whom he recorded two albums, two John Peel sessions, and a handful of singles. Then with Pulp, playing guitar, piano, bass and co-writing their first album "It." A spell as a resident studio engineer led to an experimental album "Flight Commander Solitude" on which Simon wrote all the music and played all the instruments... a rare thing in those days. Then in 1985 he returned to Artery, playing rock guitar until he was asked to audition for a new band forming in Leeds, later to become The Mission.

Simon stayed with The Mission for five years, through the first four albums, the chart hits, the extensive world tours, and the general insanity. He left in 1990 and went on to write solo pieces and soundtrack music, before releasing a second Flight Commander album in 1993. The following three years were spent with a three-piece electronic band Mindfeel, before disappearing to the desert in New Mexico.

It wasn't until 2005 that Simon re-appeared with his solo album "Lose The Faith." Since then he has returned to live in the UK after thirteen years in the US and reunited with The Mission for their 25th anniversary followed by a celebrated run of world tours, two new albums, a 30th anniversary, and most recently guesting on Alice Cooper’s five UK arena shows.

Now, with the band taking a break, here is a varied collection of Simon’s songs spanning those years living in the back of beyond. "Every time I come back to making music I’m reminded why I started doing it in the first place. This EP has been a long time coming but I'm very pleased with the way it's turned out.”

Moving On track listing: 01 It Isn’t You 02 Virginia 03 Friends 04 What More Do We Know ? 05 Moving On To pre order "Moving On" go to: the-mission.tmstor.es

WVM Releases Heavy Rock/Electronic Fused Single, “Duel”

Los Angeles based, Electronic/Rock musician, visual artist, and multi-instrumentalist WVM has followed up his stunning, dark electronic rock single, "After the Fall," with the even heavier "Duel."

"The story of "Duel" is, it started from my anger at being racially profiled, but when I write I like writing on a micro and macro level so the micro level was the harassment from racial profiling but then the rest of it morphed into the bigger picture; frustrations in general with all the injustices in world, not just about race but about how messed up the world can be. The story goes: 2 cops stopped me as I was walking down the street for no reason other than the color of my skin. They flashed a light in my face and went through the whole process only to let me go since I have no record. But that's where the lyric 'take away that spotlight from my eyes, nothing can shield you from your lies' comes from. The shield part is the typical police badge etc. So they let me go and I continued walking only to come across the same police officers again 5 minutes later as I was crossing the street. The cop car actually accelerated as if to run me down, the cop driving stuck his head out of the window and laughed and then drove off. I went home after that and started writing 'Duel;' I took my anger in that situation and started getting really angry at the injustices of this world."

"Most of the album is more electronics based and like "After the Fall" this song really defies genres and generic song structures. This is my song structure, don't get me wrong, I write songs that are verse chorus verse chorus, but I really enjoy writing songs like this, where there are no 2 sections alike. It's sort of like walking in a house and visiting each room only once even though you may like it. The only way to visit that room again is to walk back in the front door and do it over, with this song, if you like a section, the only way to revisit is to hear the entire song again. This kind of song structure is unique to me, it's my signature." - WVM

Sunday, 19 August 2018

The Anix Releases New Single "Interchanger," Full-Length album Shadow_Movement Out Fall 2018

Detroit, MI - The Shadow_Movement is rapidly approaching as The Anix reveals "Interchanger," the 5th single from the upcoming album. Pushing the cyberpunk-inspired album into heavier territory, "Interchanger" features a more prominent guitar-based chorus while continuing The Anix's signature sound of melodic vocals, pulsing synths and electronic programming. Set in a dystopian world controlled by the elite, the "Interchanger" stands alone - a rogue agent passing through the shadows of foreign lands with no connection and no allies.

The Anix's 6th full-length album Shadow_Movement will be available October 19, 2018 through the independent record label FiXT.

About The Anix: The Anix is the electronic-rock project of Los Angeles composer / producer Brandon Smith. Combining his love of cinematic sci-fi, anime and comic books with synthesizers, electronic programming, alternative rock, powerful vocal hooks and anthemic choruses, The Anix creates a visionary future of art and music.

Originally founded in 2001 by Brandon Smith and later joined by brother Logan Smith with long time friend Chris Dinger, the group toured the Hollywood rock club circuit for several years. After writing hundreds of songs and playing countless shows, the band signed a deal in 2008 to record their first full length studio album titled Demolition City. The band then landed a deal with The Diesel Management Group and toured throughout Europe on the “Rocket Science Tour” with electronic masterminds Apoptygma Berzerk.

In 2011 The Anix signed a record deal with Cleopatra Records to record their second studio album titled Sleepwalker. In 2016, The Anix began the process of reinventing themselves, shifting away from a touring band into a studio project. After a full year of development, the group emerged with Ephemeral in March 2017 as their 2nd album on Cleopatra Records.

In 2018, The Anix completed their metamorphosis from band to solo project as front-man & songwriter Brandon Smith signed with FiXT, the artist-owned/operated independent record label of electronic-rock pioneer Klayton (Circle of Dust, Celldweller, Scandroid). Focusing on releasing regular singles throughout the year, The Anix is poised to embrace the future.

The Big Move - Dani & Cats Move Countryside - Week 1

Change is good. The new house was empty and ready that we move in. So no point to stay any longer in the old house and to hang on to it. The big move was scheduled for 11th August. The new place is 94km away, on the map up North and then to the left. In the middle of the country, border Co. Meath/Co.Cavan. On that day I drove up and down twice. The second time to get the cats. Oh my cat - the drama in the car. You can not imagine. Freddy was so stressed, he peed himself. Pheebie screamed the loudest and Sixxy meowed because of Pheebie... 1 hour and 20 minutes. The longest drive ever.

I was a bit worried that the cats will be scared at the beginning in the new house but as soon as they were out of their boxes they started to explore the house. And demanded food. And they seemed to be pretty happy. So that was good, nothing to worry about from that side. The cats were happy so I am happy too. So, that was it. After spending my whole life in cities I did it. I moved to the countryside. In the back road where I live now are a hand full of houses which belong to my so called "village". But of course well distributed over a bigger area as the land that belongs to every house is much bigger. I can't see my neighbours for example. From my kitchen window I can see the farm from my Landlords and also the land across the road is theirs. The next small town is Oldcastle which is 6 km away. Oldcastle is a lovely little town with some small shops, hair dresser, pharmacy, restaurants, pubs of course and two petrol stations. The countryside is the typical beautiful Irish countryside. Nature pur. Green everywhere, lots of trees, grass. Lots of space. Clean air, no rubbish. No city noise. Insects, birds, lots of cows. :)

Today is Sunday, the 19th of August. The 8th day in the new house. So what has changed?

1) The views from my windows (see photos below).
2) Shopping trips need to be planned now. So every Friday after work I will visit LIDL and ALDI, and maybe my Dunnes Store in Kilnamanagh and do my shopping for the whole week.
3) I have so much more space.
4) It is quiet. No party noise at the weekend.
5) The cats are more active and all three are best friends now.
6) The house has it's own water supply from a well.
7) The commuting. To be honest: in the morning it is a pain. Instead of 12 minutes I drive 1 hour 15 minutes if everything goes well. To reach the motorway is a nightmare as the roads have most of the time no road markings. And it is sooo dark here. No street lights. Cities are so much brighter. I have never realised this fact. Now I know.
8) I have 10 times more grass to cut at the weekend. :)
9) The people around are very friendly and helpful. My new Landlords are really awesome too.

Every day that I drove home to the new house I thought how lucky I was that I found such a nice place to live. On the motorway you can leave the work day behind and the closer I come to my house the landscape becomes more and more beautiful. The hectic from the city is left behind and the clocks start to go slower. I will update you every week about my new life at the countryside.