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Album Review: DEVILDRIVER - 'Trust No One', released 13 May 2016 via Napalm Records

DEVILDRIVER - 'Trust No One'
Release Date: 13 May 2016 via Napalm Records

I have to come clean and say I have never heard about Devildriver until I received the press pack today, so if you are in the same position than I was earlier today: here is a bit of background before I make an attempt to review their album as a first time buyer.

'Trust No One' is the 7th album from this American combo, following a three year hiatus since their previous album. 2016 is a busy year for the band. They are touring either as headliner or currently they are supporting Hatebreed on their tour. The summer will also see the band promoting their album on stage in the UK and Germany including Wacken.

So what is it that makes this album reaching the billboard in multiple categories. Napalm Records was right in agreeing to have Mark Lewis at the helm of the production. It is well produced and provides the band with a clean and articulated sound. I find the mix on the drums a bit uneven but you will be OK if you like Fear Factory. Now if I am honest, I am not mad about the vocals from Dez Fafara (question of taste). The lyrics come served in barking mode, obviously it is the law of the genre, but I cannot help thinking it does a big disservice to the musicality of the band.

After 7 albums I would expect a bit more originality. Bad Deeds intro a la Slayer is pleasant. But out of the 10 tracks it is difficult in my opinion to pin point some tracks that clearly stand out, except maybe Retribution. Most of the intros are very encouraging but they lead to disappointment as the tracks progress in the usual epic and eerie recipes of this music category. In the end they sound genre and that’s probably why they have a strong following. It's a pity as I think the group has the creative juice to provide a different stamp on its music and could attract a broader audience than just death or groove metal aficionados.

By Pascal Derrien

Overall: Pass your way if you are not into Groove/Death Metal probably you should have one of their albums if you are so why not this one
If You Pick 3 only: Retribution, Night My Sky and Trust No One
Live Test: Thumbs Up

'Trust No One' track listing:

1. Testimony Of Truth 2. Bad Deeds 3. My Night Sky 4. This Deception 5. Above It All 6. Daybreak 7. Trust No One 8. Feeling Ungodly 9. Retribution 10. For What Its Worth

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