Wednesday 1 June 2016

Album Review: Boy Jumps Ship - 'Wake Up', released 22 April 2016 via Amazing Record Co.

Boy Jumps Ship - 'Wake Up'
Release date: 22 April 2016 via Amazing Record Co.

I have almost made the big mistake to overlook this album. I should have known that with a bunch of successful EPs, this debut album had more to offer than ‘Burn’, the first track, so I parked the album and got back to it two days later starting with track # 2.

And I was right to come back to it and start all over again with the nice and infectious Atlantic vibe featuring on ‘Tomorrow', the four boys from the North East of England know how to produce great riffs and massive melodic Pop peaks. They toured with Young Guns in the past but my overall benchmark is Yellow Card and Lost & Found; reminds me of the early Jimmy Eat World days.

Out of the 12 tracks produced by Larry Hibbit in Hoxton Studios, Make You Proud and Best Is yet to Come are real catchy anthems. I am a big fan of the powerful Hell succeeding, a weak semi acoustic song called Night Stories. That band has big POTENTIAL so no wonder why they were supported by the PRS Music Foundation. They find themselves now on a Newcastle based label Amazing Record Co and I think they can become big on the circuit as their song writing will evolve and improve. This is a very solid 1st album which would give a lesson or two to some overrated American bands in the same vein.

Great voice, good guitars and tons of energy bundled with a pinch of Pop are definitely providing the right balance for this first album. I am not aware of any Irish dates but if they play nearby where you live make every effort to go and see them on stage. In the meantime, you should purchase their album. Not to would be a mistake!

By Pascal Derrien

Overall: A must buy for Atlantic vibe fans
If You Pick 3 Only: Hell, Lost & Found, Best Is Yet to Come
Live Test: Thumbs Up

'Wake Up' track listing:

1. Burn 2. No Tomorrow 3. Lost & Found 4. Turn Up The Radio 5. We Are The Rebels 6. Make You Proud 7. Under Your Skin 8. Shatter 9. Night Stories 10. Hell 11. The Best Is Yet To Come 12. Redlight

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