Thursday 16 June 2016

Album Review: The Qemists - 'Warrior Sound', Released 4 March 2016 via Amazing Record Co

The Qemists - 'Warrior Sound'
Release: 4 March 2016 via Amazing Record Co

Warrior Sound is the name of the album and The Qemists is the name of the band, Rock oriented Dance Drum’n’Bass with a pinch of Electronica is the music style and altogether this does provide one of the most exciting and explosive music cocktails I have come across in a while.

Is it Heavy Dance or Hard Core Electronica? I don’t know and I don’t really care. The boys from Brighton (UK) have so much energy that their highly infectious tunes have been trotting in my head for a while now. Setting up the tone with 'Our World' - the intro - they quickly follow with 'Run You', the current single which provides the ideal anthem for those who like their electronic beats strong and in your face. The voice from Kenta is solid and funnily enough if I was to make a comparison I would say: think about Billy Talent on a dance floor.

The whole and entire album is an exciting and energetic patchwork, but there is a perfect alchemy between Electronica, Rock and Hip Hop all along. Anger will steer your senses towards a chapel of powerful and melodic choruses while 'New Design' provides some short respite in the first part of the song before making you jump up and down in your living room.

From 'We are the Problem' to 'No Respect' there is avalanche of sound, a series of uppercuts which are very difficult to avoid. You may get knocked out by 'Let It Burn' and its staccato dialogue between the acidic riffs and the vocals. 'Push the Line' on the other hand is almost radio friendly, but again: this is no Kylie Minogue here. You have to get your feet dance ready for this one too.

'Warrior Sound' is a super album. The title song is excellent too and gradually embarks you on a journey to music power. Those guys are damn good and they provide a refreshing and current sound. They will get far.

Dance, Dance Dance :)

Review by Pascal Derrien

Overall: A MUST buy!
If You Pick 3 Only: Run You, Warrior Sound, New Design
Live Test: It got to be excellent!!!!

'Warrior Sound' track listing:

01. Our World
02. Jungle
03. Run You
04. Anger
05. New Design
06. No More
07. Push The Line
08. We Are The Problem
09. Let It Burn
10. Warrior Sound
11. No Respect
12. Requiem

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