Tuesday 28 June 2016

Review: AMERICAN HI-FI - 'American Hi-Fi Acoustic', Released 29 April 2016 via Rude Records

AMERICAN HI-FI - 'American Hi-Fi Acoustic'
Released 29 April 2016 via Rude Records

Yes, this is an acoustic album. The genre may seem passé to some of us but it has not always been like that. I am from a generation that remembers the first MTV Acoustic LP. It was different, it was fresh and it was interesting if not fully innovative. Many bands since from Rock to Indie or Pop and Metal (especially Metal) have succumbed to the exercise and fair to say that sometimes some should have abstained to expose their lack of musicianship. :)

Now today we are talking about American Hi-Fi acoustic album. I think because I don’t really know them well that they have a couple of albums under their belt. Clearly I enjoyed the album from the opening but I have a neat preference for 'Bigger Mood'. I quite like the rhythm on 'Flavour of the Weak'. Many Emo, Alt Pop or Punk bands have gone the acoustic way. I like 'Every Avenue' and 'Yellow Card', to name a few. I must say I like American Hifi’s performance probably because the singer and the musicians just seem to enjoy the challenge. Actually it is not a challenge, it is fireside gig just for the sake of playing music with no other pretention than having a good time.

'Another Perfect Day' with a female voice intervention is extremely pleasant and so is 'Blue Day'. An honest album with minimal overdubs concluded by 'Safer On the Outside' which does sum up what American Hi-Fi is all about. I read that originally they were not too keen on the idea of an acoustic album. I am happy they changed their mind.

Review by Pascal Derrien

Overall: A good and pleasant album
If You Pick 3 only: Safer On the Outside, Flavour of the Weak, Blue Day
Live Test: Thumbs Up

'American Hi-Fi Acoustic' track listing:

1. Surround
2. Flavor of The Weak
3. A Bigger Mood
4. Safer on the Outside
5. I'm a Fool
6. Hi-Fi Killer
7. Blue Day
8. My Only Enemy
9. Don't Wait for the Sun
10. Another Perfect Day
11. Scar
12. What About Today
13. Wall of Sound

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