Sunday 5 June 2016

Review: ROMES - 'Believe EP', released via Five Seven Music

ROMES - 'Believe EP'
Released via Five Seven Music

It must be EP season recently. While I tend to focus more on albums, I have received some quality strong EPs recently and 'Believe' - a four track EP from Toronto based quartet ROMES - is no exception. A subtle melting pot, blending Pop, Rock, Synth and some touch of Indie, makes this EP more than interesting. The four titles are equally strong in their own right and all of them could potentially be played as a successful single.

"Believe" is opening the ball, introducing Jacob Bitav's voice with its distinctive feminine blend that accompanies so perfectly the aerial touch of a guitar. Who knows that Pop songs are good for the soul... Nice choruses and I like the direction the song takes about 2 minutes in. That’s some brio.

The second title is always a challenge but "Tryna Be" is ideally radio formatted but is far from being dull. It is a different style but has this gentle infectious groove that this quartet decidedly seem to master. The production from Tony Hoffer is pertinent and if you like the likes of Phoenix and others you will appreciate the quality of its work.

"Spend The Night" and "When the Night Comes" are equally strong Pop/Synth tracks which are making this EP more than a business card with 1 track and 3 fillers. All songs can be appreciated for themselves and the attention to detail and song writing is obvious. The neat production helps but the songs are strong enough to carry their own independent groove.

I like those guys. There is not enough cool and talented Pop bands nowadays. I am looking forward to listening to a full length album. In the meantime you can enjoy their video : Believe.

Review by Pascal Derrien

Overall: a more than promising EP
If you pick one only: Tryna Be
Live Test: To be tested & I am curious to hear them live

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