Monday 25 July 2016

BROKEN HOPE - EXCLUSIVE play-through of KIRK HAMMETT 'Nosferatu' guitar, used during METALLICA's 'Too Heavy 4 Halftime' set

BROKEN HOPE Guitarist Jeremy Wagner has just premiered an in-depth play-through video featuring the ultimate shredder the 'NOSFERATU' Limited-Edition ESP/LTD he received from the one and only KIRK VON HAMMETT of METALLICA! The guitar is number 11 of 13 signed versions AND was played during METALLICA's Too Heavy 4 Halftime set.

Watch Jeremy’s metal-and-horror-tinged play-through of this guitar right now exclusively via ESP Guitars here:

"I have a deep passion for ESP guitars. I've been playing ESP for 29 years--on every BROKEN HOPE album and on every worldwide stage I've ever played in my career. I also have a deep passion for horror movies and horror memorabilia. And like me, my pal, KIRK HAMMETT, is an ESP player and ‘horror kid’ of the highest order! And to that end, Kirk’s combined both HORROR and GUITARS into a 'Nosferatu' Limited-Edition ESP/LTD that he whipped up in his laboratory. Between the vintage Nosferatu ‘Count Orlock’ movie artwork down to the stellar features that make up the specs of this instrument, this a VERY special guitar that is badass through and through—and I should know, because I own one—and it plays amazing and also gives me the CREEPS—and that's a good thing!" states Jeremy Wagner regarding the ‘Nosferatu' Limited-Edition ESP/LTD.

ROKEN HOPE are currently in the studio recording their 7th album and follow up to their critically acclaimed release, ‘Omen of Disease’. The forthcoming BH release possesses an extra-special touch as ALL of Jeremy Wagner’s guitar tracks will feature him using ONLY the original JEFF HANNEMAN SLAYER guitars he acquired from HANNEMAN’s estate last year. “These famous axes have already inspired and channeled many of the riffs I wrote for the next full-length.” explains Jeremy.

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