Thursday 7 July 2016

Review: Malaya Blue - 'Heartsick', Released 8 April 2016 via MBM Music

Malaya Blue - 'Heartsick'
eleased 8 April 2016 via MBM Music

Guess what? I have found the perfect movie sound track for this summer. Malaya Blue is the name of the creator of the perfect Pop, Blues, Rock and a touch of Country cocktail, composing an exciting and fresh moment of soul joy delivered on an album called Heartsick.

But let me tell you straight that this is more than just entertainment. The ballads, Rock tempos, Jazz hints and an excellent production coupled with Malayas superb and assured vocals will immerse you in Malayas musical world - a world where the songs are not overly demonstrative but are very meticulously crafted. Each note and arrangement has been thought thru - this is a rich album in terms of genre, musicality and musicianship.

Personally I was attracted by the title Color Blind Master with its gentle intro. I don’t see colors either (but I see things :) ) and I can see a bright future for Malaya so much that her voice on this particular title is genuinely carrying the song, allowing her support musicians to show their talents with no pressure. Actually her voice is center stage to all the titles and it is obvious that she is more than willing to take part in a dialogue with the guitar that sometimes is reminiscent of the Pop side of Robert Cray.

As an artist - what can be a better endorsement than having Paul Jones making a guest appearance. All the songs are very good but Soul Come Back is for me the title which with its minimalist piano and subtle and beautiful arrangements reminds me at times of a restrained version of Kate Bush intensity. Heartsick, the song that gives the album its title, is a mid-rock tempo track which is highly enjoyable with its guitar soli and show case a more aggressive Rock tone in Malayas voice. The whole being supported by drums who definitely seem to want to have the last word on this song.

Modern, fresh, light and undeniably talented - this album is BIG stepping stone towards building a fan base beyond the traditional circuit this type of music would traditionally target.

It maybe not be sick, but if your heart is black'n'blue, let Malayas music take care of you.

Review by Pascal Derrien

Overall: I really like it
If you Pick 3 Only: Color Blind, Soul Come Back, Heartsick
Live Test: Judge by yourself

'Heartsick' track listing

01. Heartsick
02. Hunny Little Day Dream
03. Colourblind
04. Let's Reinvent (Love)
05. Acceptance
06. To Remain the Same
07. I Have Arrived
08. Strand of Gold
09. Share the Love
10. Hope
11. Soul Come Back

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