Tuesday 12 July 2016

THE SOAP GIRLS debut UK single BAD BITCH & UK tour

The SoapGirls have just finished making the video for their debut UK release - Bad Bitch, a caustic slice of vitriolic Rock’n’Roll & you can order the download now from www.cdbaby.com/cd/thesoapgirls.

SoapGirls hailing from South Africa were given their name by the general public “We have been The SoapGirls since we were 8 and 9 selling soap and street performing for various charities, we did this 365 days of the year for 9 years”

Bad Bitch was written 2 days after The SoapGirls were attacked in Hastings, resulting in a “very emotional and very raw” song. This unprovoked attack, involved sexist abuse and took place when The SoapGirls were performing live, with the perpetrators throwing copious amounts of red liquid over the band. “We hated not being able to fight back and still suffer a lot of anxiety when we are performing as a result of what happened, I became slightly jaded and Bad Bitch was born after we decided we would never take shit from anyone ever again!!” Bad Bitch sees the girls developing a recognized ‘sound’ with their ever-so-edgy vocals, Mille’s heavy throbbing bass lines and Mie letting rip with searing lead guitar work, creating an insouciant blast of filthy rock’n’roll. Proud and humble The SoapGirls are a force of nature who inspire anyone to “follow their dream and believe in themselves”.

The SoapGirls stand for freedom and non-judgement, fiercely outspoken for animal rights, society’s most vulnerable and anti government policies they write straight from the heart with every song being a real experience, either with themselves or someone close. “Be brave enough to be yourself always, we have only one life that we know of so Rock it and embrace it without losing yourself” - The SoapGirls

To see these girls perform live is a must.

The SoapGirls UK Tour Dates


15th Rock n Bike Festival Derby
16th Lincoln Imp Scunthorpe
22nd Riflemans Glastonbury
23rd The Albion Liskeard Cornwall
24th The Underground Plymouth
30th The Crown Bristol
31st New Crown Inn Merthyr Tydfil


4th Surya London
12th Fox and Goose Southport
20th Eagle Inn Manchester

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