Monday 22 August 2016

Album Review: Walls of Jericho - 'No One Can Save You from Yourself', Released 25 March 2016 via Napalm Records

Walls of Jericho - No One Can Save You From Yourself
Released 25 March 2016 via Napalm Records

Not being a teenager anymore Walls of Jericho were probably more synonymous of the title of the iconic album from the German band Helloween rather than the name of a Punk Hardcore, Metalcore Detroit based band, but things have changed now since I have listened to No One Can Save Your from Yourself.

In activity for a while the flame got re-ignited under the form of a signing with Napalm Records in early 2015. Great production I must say and the lady in charge of vocals - yes it is a lady (and if I was you I would not mess with her either)- is displaying a high level of energy and commitment close to music militant’s mindset. Candace, Chris and the 3 others know their recipes inside out and the entire album is relatively inspired and well executed without necessarily standing out from the crowd I must say.

For example, No One Can Save You from Yourself is a great title, good breaks, aggressive guitars, short and direct vocal punches everything is there. The metal core aspect of their music is undeniably present and that is probably why I am not fully convinced but this has more to do with my own taste (Madball, Downset etc.)

I like the intro on Reign Supreme and really like the riff on Wrapped In Violence. Anthem, as you may guess, is more my cup of tea with the Black Flag like intro and with more punkish vocals coupled with efficient backing vocals. This is probably making this title a killer on stage.

Guys I would not rush buying this album unless you are collecting good bands and decent efforts in that specific genre or if you are really curious to explore the off beaten tracks of Metalcore.
Review by Pascal Derrien

Overall: Professional and sound
If I was to Pick 3 only: Reign Supreme, No One Can Save You From Yourself, Anthem
Live Test: We may all agree on that one!!!

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