Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Geordie Kieffer Releases Official Music Video for “Red Line”

The infamously sexy and comedic imagination of LA’s agro-pop wiz-kid, Geordie Kieffer, has culminated in a delightfully twisted new video for his newest single, “Red Line” which premiered via Myspace.

The singer-songwriter/producer, as well as Georgetown University postgraduate, has been working diligently to literally recreate this video — he explains, “One of my friends who happened to be in [the first version] got a big time movie deal and her agents wouldn’t let us put out ‘Red Line.’ Too graphic, not the right image. Therefore, we needed to start fresh with a new director, producer, et cetera.”

The video for “Red Line,” unlike its beloved precursor, “Tastes Like Chocolate,” is shot in a stark black-and-white, drawing a sharp contrast between the good and the evil within its three-minute running time. “This video was a fucking ball. I mean, who doesn’t like drugs, violence, and cake?!” Geordie posits. “Unlike ‘Tastes Like Chocolate,’ this video was shot very quickly. We had a concept that we liked and we wanted to get it done. My mom hates it, but she still loves me.”

As the video’s monochromatic veil might suggest, “Red Line” has the music and lyrical content to coincide, as well as launch Geordie’s career. He notes, “I remember that the first thing that got laid down was that raggedly harsh synth. I knew some people wouldn’t dig it, but for me, it was love at first listen. I knew the song had to be hard as fuck to keep up with that synth bass, so I guess I just started screaming about the accolades and pitfalls of American society, [and] in essence, a macro look at my own micro character defects. I think it was here, writing and recording ‘Red Line,’ that I finally found my voice. I found Agro-Pop. I was like, ‘Shit! I don’t have to sing all airy soft and sweet! I can scream and yell and fuck shit up and still have it be melodic and catchy. Well goddamn, I’m in!'”

The music video for “Red Line” was produced by John Conaboy and Geordie Kieffer, and directed by Sela Shiloni.

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