Thursday 4 August 2016

Single Review: Hunter & The Bear - "Renegade", Released 5th August 2016 via Dog Monday Records

Hunter & The Bear - "Renegade"
Release date: 5th August 2016 via Dog Monday Records

I had just pressed start of the single... and it was just as well that I had clicked my seat belt beforehand... as the driver of the music bolide that is. Hunter & The Bear had definitely the pedal to the metal!!!

I love the only track on this single. It is right: there is only one title as you may need a bit of rest and a breather. So imagine Jon Kilzer on steroids and the best version of Bryan Adams or what he could have been if he had added fast pace to his repertoire. This song is Pump Rock. The voice is instantly agreeable. And what surprise when I found out that the quartet is from the UK. There is an Australian flavour to their music, a raw authenticity that only Kings Of The Sun and Jimmy Barnes have managed to produce.

Beautiful melody on this track, backing vocals well laid out etc... More modern and sleek than their illustrious predecessors from the previous century such as the Choirboys (Australia). They retain the ability to make a song a story and trigger images - making your mind travelling thru space and time. This is Rock but intelligently crafted to a point that you really want more than just one song. The good news is that you can play it again.

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you the title of the song :)


Review by Pascal Derrien

Overall: Watch out, this is more than a revival of a genre called Rock'n'Roll
What I Loved: The guitar, the voice and the melody.
Live Test: If Clapton thought they were good...

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