Tuesday 6 September 2016

Album Review: HIFI SEAN - 'FT', Released 16 September 2016

Released 16 September 2016

Are you going to the party? Hifi Sean has organized a big one for us with his release 'FT' on 16th of September.

What? You don’t know Hifi Sean? Hmm well, on reflection me neither :o) but I was told Hifi Sean is a songwriter, DJ and producer Sean Dickson. He is most famously known as front man of the Scottish band The Soup Dragons. The chap knows everything that is to know in music and he has invited a bunch of A-listers to his party. I am not talking reality TV celebs... it is more names like BootSy Collins, Yoko Ono and another icon called Alan Vega to name only a few. So this is solid and credible right.

Ok, the guy can throw a party but it will it be any good? I think providing his credentials I am not concerned. There will be funk, dance, club, atmospheric and introspective rhythm, light beats and other electronica harmonies. It will be versatile, varied and highly entertaining, some call it electronic psychedelic soul... and there is some soul alright!

Take Testify for example - the first track, featuring Crystal Waters, where she is asking why she needs your love: the piano is euphoric and loves partnering with other sounds while Chrystal keeps beating the good mood chorus with an apparent joyfulness.

Obviously I cannot not talk about In Love with Life featuring legend Yoko Ono. At the start I thought it sounded like a Bananarama single but very quickly the giggles and small considerations leave way to a more meaningful statement about life. The music is getting more serious and Yoko talks through the track, anchoring in your mind the 'how great is life statement'.

Bootsy Collins follows almost straight away with the funky Atomium that gets your booty moving from left to right. I also noticed my head was moving up and down and my fingers keep taping on the table - it must be a great track then! :o)

Ultratheque and Truck are more club oriented but it does not matter. I would say: come on and get on board, we are heading towards the end of the party where Jean Honeymoon is taking us to a more introspective part of the album. Indeed Monday Moon Sunshine is a nice mid-tempo track, letting her voice nicely guesting you to a reflective mood.

It would not be a party if you were not to meet somebody special and here I have in front of me Mr Alan Vega (Suicide). It is the deepest and most contemplative track, mood wise not always easy to follow but with a clear message for us all: it is time to get A KISS BEFORE I DIE.

Overall: unexpected, varied and contemplative
If Iw as to pick 3 Only: Testify, Akiss Before I Die, Atomium
Live test: do you know a stage big enough for those guys!!!

Review by Pascal Derrien

The track listing and featured artists for FT is as follows:

Testify ft. Crystal Waters
18th ft. Norman Blake
In Love With Life ft. Yoko Ono
Atomium ft. Bootsy Collins
Like Josephine Baker ft. David McAlmont
Lost Without You ft. Paris Grey
Ultratheque ft. Dave Ball
Truck ft. Fred Schneider
Monday Morning Sunshine ft. Jean Honeymoon
You’re Just Another Song ft. Little Annie
Heavy Game ft. Billie Ray Martin
Heartbreak House ft. Maggie K De Monde
A Kiss Before Dying ft. Alan Vega


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