Monday 19 September 2016

Live Review: The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain @ Dublin's National Concert Hall; Saturday 10th of Sept 2016

Expect the unexpected they say. Frankly I was not too sure what I had embarked myself on that Saturday evening in Dublin's National Concert Hall... but if there was some music involved - the logic behind I suppose was: why not?

You don’t know The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain? I did not know them either. Not a great start for a music expert when you think, they have played with the Kaiser Chiefs and accompanied Robbie Williams.

8 accomplished musicians and singers whose set list includes covers of classics from Tchaikovsky to Nirvana to Otis Redding and Spaghetti Westerns.

There is a distinct British sense of humor and great sense of comedy all along the two-hour set. It’s captivating, pompous, trivial, hilarious, moving sometimes - a big melting pot of feelings and emotions all at once.

It is often amusing, self-deprecating but virtuosity and musicianship is never too far, whether it was the beautiful cover of Life on Mars from David Bowie, the excellent version of Psycho Killer from the Talking Heads or a version of Smell Like Teen Spirits from Nirvana... and the crowd had the opportunity to sing along Teenage Dirt Bag from Wheatus too.

UOGB is as versatile as the composition of their audience. In my opinion it’s the music equivalent of TinTin. It caters for anybody from 7 to 77 (and beyond). Le Freak was the perfect leg loosener, in the same vein we enjoyed being Happy. And at that point all generations clapped their hands in unison.

I was told they have a great version of 'Shaft' and Clash’s 'Should I stay Or Should I go' and while we did not have the opportunity to listen to those anthems on that Saturday the crowd was all smiles and a little bit sad when we had to say our good byes to our 8 amigos.

The band is 30 years together and have great and loyal followers when I judge by the long queue of fans waiting patiently to get DVDs, CDS and other merchandise items graciously signed.

If you don’t know them. Get on board they are brilliant, next stop Waikiki!!!!!

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