Sunday 4 September 2016

Review: Far From History - 'Gallows Hill' (EP), Released 19 August 2016

Far From History - 'Gallows Hill' (EP)
Released 19 August 2016

Far From History are Essex based and this new EP called 'Gallows Hill'. It is self-released and I have to salute the quality of the production throughout the 6 tracks. The bio mentions: huge breakdowns, shattering riffs and hard hitting vocals - well, it is all that!

Positioned as Post Hardcore I am struggling big time with the vocals. Well I suppose I am not getting the specificity of that genre. I struggled big time with Death Metal back in the days so what do you expect. :) Having said that, if you are not victim of the same syndrome you will probably like that band and they are well worth a detour if you are fan of that genre.

There are very strong and varied songs; the Shockwave intro is Slayerish and this influence is present throughout the track. Pedal to the Metal with Swallowing Broken Glass; I really like the part where there is a proper singing by the way. Blueneck and Rupture Farms have inspired intros and you will get your head trashing up and down all along the songs.

As a NYHC fan I am probably more receptive to A Negative, the track that concludes the EP... and again I welcome the light and fresh singing touch, it is more progressive (well it is not Burn either) and accessible I think.

Those guys are really good musicians and we should praise their effort and encourage them. Hope they continue to evolve and attract a larger audience. They really deserve it.

Overall: If you feel like helping a deserving band
If I was to pick one only: A Negative
Live Test: I am pretty sure its powerful and intense

Review by Pascal Derrien

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