Sunday 16 October 2016

Album Review: ALTER BRIDGE - 'The Last Hero', Released October 7th, 2016 via Napalm Records

ALTER BRIDGE - 'The Last Hero'
Released October 7th, 2016 via Napalm Records

At a time when this album has just entered the UK and German charts, it is a clear reminder that the music business has been relying on Alter Bridge for more than the last 10 years to rock the world. Although they are not overly mainstream in the US they are none the less respected by rock critics and music fans alike all over the globe.

The Last Hero is a solid album full of epic gallops and other calls for actions and won't deceive the band’s followers. There is a reflective and introspective mood on certain lyrics such as My Champion, or just a new take on some recurrent American themes for example Losing Patience - which celebrates the service that women and men of the world and other heroes deliver day by day - be it police, fire brigade or soldiers.

Marc Tremonti and Myles Kennedy deliver with conviction and strength an album which will satisfy their loyal fan base. The Side of Fate, a 7 minute track, is ambitious and pushes the band’s epic boundaries, a power ballad which will rejoice the amateurs of the genre.

Island of Fools is my favourite track, a nervous and well-constructed song with a hypnotic riff. It is classic in its conception but very efficient.

The Last Hero concludes the album in a classic manner for a band which can alternate different atmosphere within the same track. Alter Bridge are great architects and they have built another hard rock cathedral. They don’t need preachers, their sermon is well known and well delivered but can be unpredictable at times.

Sisters and brothers, have faith in the Last Hero, go purchase and pray that Alter Bridge may come and play in a parish near you. Amen.

Overall: Solid Delivery!
If I Was to pick 3 only: Island of Fools, the Last Hero, Show Me A Leader
Live Test: you need me to tell you anything on that one?

Review by Pascal Derrien

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