Sunday 16 October 2016

Album Review: Last Great Dreamers - 'Transmissions From Oblivion', Released September 30th, 2016 via Ray Records

Last Great Dreamers - 'Transmissions From Oblivion'
Released September 30th, 2016 via Ray Records

Recently Dani and I were speaking to Simon Hinkler from the Mission where he shared with us that his first major influences as a guitarist was glam rock from the 70's. Something that with the new wave he almost had to unlearn. However that is the not the case for the Last Great Dreamers and their latest album 'Transmissions From Oblivion'.

Is it a blast from the past - from the mid 90’s maybe. It is, but the boys are not stuck in a time warp and are not keen to overly play on nostalgia and what it could have been back then.

Brit rock dandies don’t do that. They have too much class and know better. Yes, maybe the singer’s voice is not the strongest, yes you may think you have heard those drum intros a thousand times and maybe those riffs are not that original either after all. Well maybe it is all thaat but it does not really matter. This is not what this is about. It is about power pop hooks who just have the ambition to make your head bang and stomp your feet.

You Don’t Work is almost punkish in its execution. Slyder, Marc Valentine (vocals/guitar), Ian Scruffykid (bass) and Denley Slade (drums) have a good time on all tracks. Chasing Heroes is fun to listen to and bring a smile to your face, Misunderstood will engage your spine in a rock 'n' roll massage while Dope School will teach you a thing or two and help you understand how the cat ate your homework.

Production is honest, arrangements are well tailored, good mood and honesty transpire through all the 14 tracks. It’s pure rock 'n' roll and I like it.

Overall: Uncomplicated
If I was to pick 3 only: You Don’t Work , Love To Hate Me, Misunderstood
Live Test: I would say they are fun to watch!!!

Review by Pascal Derrien

Transmissions From Oblivion track listing: 1. Oblivion Kids 2. Love To Hate Me 3. Glitterball Apocalypse 4. The Way We Collide 5. Elegy For Us 6. Alone 7. Dope School 8. White Light (Black Heart) 9. Tommy’s Tears 10. Werewolves 11 You Don’t Work 12 Chasing Heroes 13 Misunderstood 14 Turn It Up

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