Friday 7 October 2016

Album Review: THE PRETTY RECKLESS - "Who You Selling For", Release due October 21st on Razor & Tie/Virgin EMI

THE PRETTY RECKLESS - "Who You Selling For"
Release due October 21st on Razor & Tie/Virgin EMI

It has been a while since we had a genuinely good band from NYC. Ok, I know it is their third album already, and it is getting better and better I must say. 'The Walls are Closing In (Hangman)' is setting the tone. The 12 titles are strong - very strong even. There is a raw intensity all along the album. Taylor Momsens voice is strong, nervous and vulnerable at the same time. It displays such a sensitivity and emotion on 'Oh My God', 'Prisoner' and 'Already Dead' - that has rarely been found in the industry in the last ten years.

I would do a disservice to the band if I was going to play the 'it sounds like' comparison game. The Pretty Reckless sounds like The Pretty Reckless and that is important in the music landscape of today.

'Who You Selling For', which is also the title of the album, is a mix of folk, acoustic and electric tension with again this beautiful, smoky voice - carrying the whole ensemble to the land of iconic tunes sanctuary.

I like the sophisticated nonchalance atmosphere of the album and the formidable grunge, blues, folk and alternative rock cocktail. I am under the spell of their music - how can you not fall in love with 'Living in the Storm' for example, an epic story-telling piece with fascinating riffs.

'The Devil’s Back' displays with force and conviction all the talent and musicality of the band. It is more than just a low tempo 70’s flavoured ballad. It is such a beautiful track.

The last track Mad Love must have been written for me as I am madly in love with THE PRETTY RECKLESS!!!

Overall: Three thumbs up! Absolutely essential if you like real rock music!!!
If I was to pick three only: That's a hard one but let’s say Prisoner, Living In The Storm, The Devil’s Back
Live Test: Are you in Dublin anytime soon? Please!!!

Review by Pascal Derrien

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