Sunday 9 October 2016

Album Review: YELLOWCARD - 'Yellowcard', Released September 30, 2016 via Hopeless Records

YELLOWCARD - 'Yellowcard'
Released September 30, 2016 via Hopeless Records

The Yellowcard album arrived in my household even before I was asked for a review for Rockchickenz. Yes, I am a fan and I have been following them for more than a decade now. Each album has produced some very personal anthems associated with personal events of my life. I cannot listen to them without being deeply touched.

It is more than likely that I would be biased but in my job you got to be objective. So how would I overcome that obstacle? I had to come up with an innovative process which would provide balance and fairness. I decided to bring two friends with me on a 45 minute or so drive in the Irish country side with Yellowcard as the perfect movie sound track.

Here is the outcome. They love the album from the get go and they like the production from the two Ryans; respectively Mr Key and Mr Mendez. Leave The Light On has particularly resonated with my two friends but they like (and I mean love to death) all the tracks from track 6 up to track 10.

The Hurt Is Gone has been stuck on a replay three times in a row. I love the lyrics and my friends love the music: mid-tempo with some accelerations and great vocals. They love the harder sound of Empty Street; a beautifully constructed track full of energy.

Then came Wrecking Ball. I was told: 'Hey, this is the same song as from - you know who'... I said: 'Yes I know'. Beautiful ballad. Music doesn't lie, even if you are a wrecking ball. Savior’s Robes and Fields and Fences have been voted serious best tunes contenders by my two friends.

Both tell me this is a wicked album and I should write about it. I realize I forgot to introduce my two best friends so here you go: This is Emily Kate 7 (going on 14) and Alex 11, respectively my son and daughter. :)

Yellowcard, your album is awesome, that’s what the experts say!

Overall: A damn good album from Yellowcard (is it really the last one?)
If I was to pick 3 only: The Hurt Is Gone, Wrecking Ball, Empty Street
Live test: Please tell me you are coming to Dublin

Review by Pascal Derrien

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