Tuesday 18 October 2016

JANET DEVLIN Releases Highly Anticipated Single "Outernet Song"

Continuing to build on her intensifying buzz, Irish singer-songwriter JANET DEVLIN has followed up the success of her debut album Running With Scissors with the release of her highly anticipated single, entitled "Outernet Song." Featuring Janet’s unique and enchanting vocals (which first caught the public’s eye on Series 8 of The X-Factor UK), and her ukulele, "Outernet Song" boasts one of the catchiest choruses you’ll hear this year. The instantly memorable Alt-Pop ditty has all the makings of an instant pop radio classic. The single perfectly showcases Janet’s always frank and honest lyrics, dealing with our obsession with the Internet and social media and how it affects the us.

In the millennial age of selfies, social media, and WiFi, we are permanently plugged in to a show reel of people’s lives with this ideal of what “perfect” is consistently shoved in our faces on a daily basis. In "Outernet Song," Janet sings about how it is important to “press the pause button on the never-ending scroll and go out and do something other than waiting for texts, tweets, shares, emails, or the like.”

Janet began writing ‘Outernet Song’ when she was just 19 years old. She kept the lyrics written down and found herself adding to them at various points over the last few years, with more verses penned in response to some of the criticism she faced in the comments on her Socials. Janet describes her experience, “I received many negative remarks about my appearance, unkind assessments of my talents, and apparently being over the hill at age 20," Janet explains. "I soon became pretty desensitized to it all and learnt to ignore them; but not before writing down how I felt to help me process my feelings and move on.”

Janet has released a music video for ‘Outernet Song,’ which was filmed by Silvertip Films and directed by Geoff Cockwill.

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