Sunday 13 November 2016

EDEN - "Outbound To Wonderland", Released October 28th, 2016 via Triggertrax Records - ALBUM REVIEW

EDEN - "Outbound To Wonderland"
Released October 28th, 2016 via Triggertrax Records

Dublin based synth pop band Eden has been around for a while even if you may have never heard of them. Following a self-imposed "exile" in Germany for a while they are now back in Ireland under the mentoring of Sony BMG (via Triggertrax records) and proud to be delivering a brand new album called Outbound to Wonderland.

The vocalist reminds me of Mr Overland from the British band FM, especially on the first title of the album 'Don’t Wanna Lose You'. Ten tracks where Ian and Mark seem to have a bit of fun. They have been cooking delicious pop hooks and other sugary tunes, all with a distinct flavour that makes this album more than just a pleasant curiosity.

I am obviously thinking about Depeche Mode and Hooverphonic namely, with some titles like 'New Age', 'Good as Gold' or 'Soul Survivor' but don’t get me wrong, these tunes have their own cachet and personality and they have this distinctive ability to grow on you. A sure sign of well-crafted songs!

The production is sleek, well balanced and the synth led tracks are infectiously addictive. 'Never Again', the concluding title, has an atmosphere which I find is not so distant from some work of Perry Blake.

This album has an autumnal feeling. It’s cosy, warm and reassuringly steady in a world gone mad. Go cuddle.

Overall: Cool synth pop tunes!
If I was to pick 3 only: Never Again, Don’t Wanna Loose You, Broken Frame
Live Test: They are locals, so I will have to check. :)

Review by Pascal Derrien

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