Saturday 26 November 2016

Jimmy Eat World - "Integrity Blues", Released 21 October 2016 via RCA Records - ALBUM REVIEW

Jimmy Eat World - "Integrity Blues"
Released 21 October 2016 via RCA Records

I have been following Jimmy Eat World for the best part of 20 years at this stage. Their music has been important to me and has accompanied me around the world and thru the various milestones that one can have during his life. Not too many bands can adequately fit the bill of the emotion roller coaster but JEW can, and for that reason this is very unique in rock business.

So what’s the new JEW album (released on October 21st) like? Hang on, will you. There is no rush. You got to delicately click on the first title or open the CD if you have gone for that option. Well, the first track is 'You With Me' and it is a gentle introduction to a superb album from the Arizona quartet. This album is probably the best one they have released in 10 years. Not that the previous ones were not good, but this one has a togetherness cachet.

It was encouraging to hear acoustic versions of 'Sure and Certain' and 'Get it Right' prior to the album being issued and the studio versions don’t disappoint. They have become JEW classics in their own right already, if I judge by the reaction of the crowd at a recent concert in Dublin. 'Pass the Baby' is innovative (not Radiohead like) and alternates different atmospheres with its reflective mood until one minute before the end when it concludes more nervously, a title which is becoming my favourite of the album.

'You are Free' and 'The End is Beautiful' are equally strong titles - very mature, beautiful arrangements. I like the lyrics from Jim, especially on 'Integrity Blues' which is not one the strongest tracks. If you don’t push toward 'Pol Roger', that’s alright. It is a weak and forgettable song; albeit the only one on a brilliant album.

It’s solid, tense, emotional reflective and nervous. Jimmy is still hungry and has not finished to eat the world. Don’t miss them on stage. They are one of those rare bands who almost sound better on stage than they do in studio. And when you know the quality of their productions... I let you imagine...

Overall: Not to miss.
If I was to pick 3 only: Get it Right, Pass The Baby, Pretty Grids
Live Test: A cut above - a different league!!!

Review by Pascal Derrien

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