Thursday 17 November 2016

Pulley - "No Change in the Weather", Released 18 November 2016 via Cyber Tracks - ALBUM REVIEW

Pulley - "No Change in the Weather"
Released 18 November 2016 via Cyber Tracks

Pulley is maybe not super well known on this side of the pond but from the onset of the 90’s the band has built a strong reputation in California in general and in the broader skate punk scene in particular. After a 12-year hiatus, the band is coming back with a 10-track album full of pop punk songs. No frills sound but overly catchy with tunes like 'Different' or 'Sometimes'.

Scott Radinsky vocals are really at ease on this album which is distributed via the label Cyber tracks from NOFX guitarist El Hefe’s. Personally, I prefer the 'Other Side of Silence' and its more ambitious construction including the maidenish intro. 'Syndrome' is probably the best track of the album in my opinion, great chorus, jumpy guitars, breaks and superb vocals from Scott.

Change in The Weather is a great album which is easy to listen and to come back to. The songs grow on you insidiously and make themselves indispensable. The last title Black Box is a slow to mid-tempo track, where an inviting guitar solo brings you (and your skates) to a time where music was not a statement but more synonymous of a good time.

The loyal fans have waited a long time and won’t be disappointed, I know this album could have been written and produced 15 years ago, but this not about making a statement for Scott, Mike, Jim, Tyler and Chris. It is about fun: straight forward, hard edged melodic punk rock.

1,2,3 let’s go!

Overall: If you like your skates buy them the last Pulley.
If I was to pick 3 only: Other Side of Silence, Different, Sometimes
Live test: Unlikely we will see them in Ireland but happy to be proven wrong.

Review by Pascal Derrien

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