Wednesday 7 December 2016

Margate - "Snow Day EP", Released 16 December 2016 via Cyber Tracks - EP REVIEW

Margate - "Snow Day EP"
Released 16 December 2016 via Cyber Tracks

If you are addicted to Xmas FM (105.20 ... I pretend it is for my kids) here in Ireland you can forget to drive home for Christmas with Chris Rea. It is really not "cool" to believe in a Pogues fairy tale, even if it is from New York, and I would even go as far as saying that Kylie Minogue’s complaint about 'Christmas is not Christmas' until you get here is a bit of a pile of rubbish. What you need for Xmas is good 5 track EP from Margate; with 3 original titles and two acoustic versions of Snow Day and I Had a Tall One.

Well if you don’t believe me, maybe you will when you will find out that the big guy in red is well known for listening to punk rock when he is on his skates and I would dare you to make sure you amalgamate no other artists with Margate because that is the favourite band of his favourite playmate (Kids go to bed now).

Not sure if we are going to have a white Christmas but if there is some white stuff on a frozen ground you can be sure Snow day will be sung by all the snow boarder heroes in your neighbourhood. A short, inviting and good mood tune. I Had a Tall One is one of those simple songs which I am sure some elves likes Pulley or No Use For a Name would have loved to have manufactured in their own workshop.

By the way, you know what? If you don’t get to go home or if you end up on your own at Xmas I suggest you have Xmas at Potsie’s. There will be some beautifully pop punk holiday anthems with some mainstream Christmas themes in it. In less than two minutes and seven seconds joy, happiness, guitars and beautiful vocals will take you on a sing along sleigh all the way to awesomeness. Now in the unlikely event it was too loud for your delicate little ears you can still listen to the excellent acoustic version of Snow Day.

The beach Boys of punk are back with a light hearted take on our favourite holiday of the year. Now I am telling you it is not too late to add the Snow Day EP on your list, just saying.

Ah yeah, almost forgot: Merry Xmas everybody!

Santa’s Track: Snow Day
Chimney Track: I Had A Tall One
Red Hot After Dark Holiday Karaoke Top 3:Xmas At Potsie’s

Review by Pascal Derrien

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