Friday 18 November 2016

Hunter & The Bear Display Emotional & Heartfelt Side With New Single 'I Am What I Am'

Ahead of their much-anticipated debut album set to drop in Spring 2017, UK rockers Hunter & The Bear release the brand new single ‘I Am What I Am’. In contrast to the high-octane, raw energy of their previous offering ‘Who’s Gonna Hear You?’, their new single presents a deeper, more sensitive aspect to the band that highlights their skills as accomplished songwriters. ‘I Am What I Am’ is a song full of feeling that provides an honest and emotional portrayal of human relationships, delivered with the charisma that has built Hunter & The Bear a fierce reputation and cult following throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.

Fresh off the back of the bands’ show stopping performance at the Unsigned Music Awards held at London’s Troxy in October, Hunter & The Bear continue to attract an ever increasing swathe of positive attention as a band who are leading a strong resurgence of rock & roll into the UK music industry. A pivotal moment in their career to date emerged when they caught the ear of rock icon Eric Clapton, who subsequently invited them to support him on his most recent UK arena tour.

Since then the band’s tenacious attitude to touring has seen them win a legion of fans wherever their live show takes them, packing out tents at Reading and Leeds, headlining European festivals and captivating a range of followers across the globe. ‘I Am What I Am’ is a song that will speak for itself, set to introduce a new audience to the band’s unique and inspirational work.

With a much hyped headline show at new venue The Camden Assembly on 1st December, followed by an extensive tour of Scotland in 2017 and multiple dates around the UK and Europe to follow, Hunter & The Bear continue to progress from strength to strength.

Thursday 17 November 2016

THE VERONICAS Release Intense New Video Directed By/Featuring RUBY ROSE

THE VERONICAS have released the video companion to the single “ON YOUR SIDE”, a short film written and directed by television and film star RUBY ROSE (Orange Is The New Black, xXx: Return of Xander Cage). The follow-up to their ARIA #1 and 2x Platinum in Australia hit single “In My Blood”, “On Your Side” shifts the song’s original meditation on the tricky but rewarding business of staying friends with your ex and visualizes it into an intense PG-13 mini-film of unbridled passion and excess, acted out by real-life paramours Ruby Rose and Jessica Origliasso.

“I remember sitting in a London hotel room listening to some of the girls’ new music casually playing as we spoke about their new album,” remembers Ruby Rose about her instant attraction to the song. “When ‘On Your Side’ came on, I stopped in my tracks and asked them to replay it… and replay it.”

"Ruby Rose is known for creating powerful and intensely affecting work and being given the opportunity to collaborate with her artistic force has been an incredible experience, both personally and professionally,” adds Jessica Origliasso. “Lisa [Origliasso, other half of The Veronicas and Jessica’s twin sister] and I have always been drawn to unconventional and honest story telling through our music; Ruby brought this to the forefront in our video for 'On Your Side'.”

‘On Your Side’ was written and recorded in London with UK pop gurus Wayne Hector (One Direction's ‘Steal My Girl’, Nicki Minaj's ‘Starships’) and Jim Eliot (Kylie Minogue's ‘All The Lovers’ and ‘Two Hearts’, Ellie Goulding's ‘Anything Can Happen’) and produced by up and coming Swedish whiz-kid Ollipop.

The sisters are putting the finishing touches on their fourth studio album, which has a "heavy Euro electro pop" feel. They've had the luxury of working on the record while “In My Blood” continues to be one of the biggest singles of the year in Australia, as well as making inroads in the UK, US and Asia.

"Every other time we've released a new single the album has already been finished," Jess says. "So to have a #1 single as a motivation is amazing. It never gets easier releasing music, you never know if people will like it but to know people really connected with ‘In My Blood’ was mind-blowing. It's given us a real perspective on how to finish this record."

‘On Your Side’ is the second single to be lifted from The Veronicas forthcoming album, set for release in 2017.

Pulley - "No Change in the Weather", Released 18 November 2016 via Cyber Tracks - ALBUM REVIEW

Pulley - "No Change in the Weather"
Released 18 November 2016 via Cyber Tracks

Pulley is maybe not super well known on this side of the pond but from the onset of the 90’s the band has built a strong reputation in California in general and in the broader skate punk scene in particular. After a 12-year hiatus, the band is coming back with a 10-track album full of pop punk songs. No frills sound but overly catchy with tunes like 'Different' or 'Sometimes'.

Scott Radinsky vocals are really at ease on this album which is distributed via the label Cyber tracks from NOFX guitarist El Hefe’s. Personally, I prefer the 'Other Side of Silence' and its more ambitious construction including the maidenish intro. 'Syndrome' is probably the best track of the album in my opinion, great chorus, jumpy guitars, breaks and superb vocals from Scott.

Change in The Weather is a great album which is easy to listen and to come back to. The songs grow on you insidiously and make themselves indispensable. The last title Black Box is a slow to mid-tempo track, where an inviting guitar solo brings you (and your skates) to a time where music was not a statement but more synonymous of a good time.

The loyal fans have waited a long time and won’t be disappointed, I know this album could have been written and produced 15 years ago, but this not about making a statement for Scott, Mike, Jim, Tyler and Chris. It is about fun: straight forward, hard edged melodic punk rock.

1,2,3 let’s go!

Overall: If you like your skates buy them the last Pulley.
If I was to pick 3 only: Other Side of Silence, Different, Sometimes
Live test: Unlikely we will see them in Ireland but happy to be proven wrong.

Review by Pascal Derrien

Wednesday 16 November 2016

Primordial - "Gods to the Godless" (Live at Bang Your Head Festival Germany 2015), Released 25 November 2016 via Metal Blade Records - REVIEW

Primordial - "Gods to the Godless" (Live at Bang Your Head Festival Germany 2015)
Released 25 November 2016 via Metal Blade Records

So here is how today’s review started, a conversation between me and our Chief Editor Dani. Dani: "Do you like Primordial?" Me: "Hum yeah(sounding unsure), they are Irish aren’t they?" (big bluff on my end) Dani: "They are really good." Me (having checked YouTube, Wiki and ITunes): "Yes, great to have guys that calibre from the greater Dublin area!!!"

That’s how the dumbo in me got handed over a live album from a fantastic local band who had played Wacken and Hell Fest... and I did not know them. So much for a guy who has been in the music business for more than 30 years you may say :). But today is not about me, it i about Primordial and an 11 track album taken from one of their performance at a German festival (Bang Your Head). I like live albums. They are a bit like a compilation with an attitude and if - like me (but probably not) - you do not know Primordial, this is an ideal introduction to their music.

The sound is very good and the band themselves would claim there is not one "f*cking overdub" on it. At the beginning the band introduces itself proudly as being from the Republic of Ireland (I know I guess everybody knew that except me). The first track is "Gods to the Godless" which gives his title to the album.

All the flagship titles from the band are on "Gods to the Godless", such as the 'Coffin Ships' or the epic 'Where Greater Have Fallen', very commonly categorized as black metal, neo folk metal or I even read Pagan metal. I think they are closer to Anathema in their musical intent than to Venom, at least their musicianship is at the same level. I really like the voice from Nemtheanga who superbly manages to transpose almost effortlessly the atmosphere and intensity of the studio tracks on stage.

There is a superb version of 'The Alchemists' which I highly recommend. The album captures the exchange between the band and the public pretty well and as you would expect, there is a bit of Irish metal banter too before the introduction of the last title 'Empire Falls'.

If you are a fan and follow them I am sure you will be glad to add this chapter to your Primordial collection and if you did not know them (I know I was probably the only one, stop it now :) ) you are given a chance to catch up with an important band.

Overall: I would like to say a hidden gem but it is only applicable to me.
If I was to pick 3 only: The Alchemists, Where greater Men Have Fallen, Coffin Ships
Live Test: I suppose I will have to go and see them (and apologize).

Review by Pascal Derrien

Rockchickenz Live: Jimmy Eat World @ Olympia Theatre Dublin, 7 November 2016

It had been a while that Jimmy Eat World had played Dublin and they clearly remembered the theatre as they called it. But before I jump on talking about the show itself allow me a few words about the audience and the support act The Amazons.

The audience was eclectic in terms of age group or background; there was anything from tired punks to neat bohemians, alongside entire families including children that were probably not older than ten... and a few American accents could be heard every now and then too. JEW’s music versatility attracts people from a wide spectrum and it does show at their gigs. Not sure what the audience made of The Amazons a British band which were pleasant by any means. Catchy tunes and all that but gosh, the band members would gain credibility by giving up the acting a bit and dropping the pose.

Jimmy Eat World is not just a regular band for me. I have bought their albums regularly and followed them for the best part of 20 years. I haven't had a live review pass for this gig and had paid the full price for the ticket as I really did not want to miss them. I have been listening to their albums obsessively and I was a bit apprehensive about how their beautiful crafted songs would sound on stage.

Well my most ambiguous fear were wiped within minutes when Jim, Tom, Rick and Zach got on stage. Jim’s voice was powerful and clearly audible, Rick’s bass was dancing around while the two others were smiling in unison.

I am not going to make an inventory of all the songs played but all the JEW gems were beautifully executed. The new titles Get It Right Sure and Certain have already been adopted by loyal fans and I think the latter has already become a classic in its own right.

The guys seemed to have a genuine appetite to share their music... and I judge by the smiles and behaviours seen on stage. I think they really enjoyed their time in Dublin when the audience did not need to be asked twice in singing along, whether it was at the encore or helping on the phenomenally powerful Bleed American.

The audience was super receptive and like anybody else I did not want the show to end. The band stayed behind and high fived the most dedicated fans of the first row while Zach made sure the drums sticks went to the right person.

On the way to the cloakroom on this cold Monday evening strangers were talking and asking each other how good they found the show. More than once I heard something along the line that if all our Mondays were like this we would not need Tuesdays we would have 2 Mondays.

Review by Pascal Derrien

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Aerosmith bring the 'AERO-VEDERCI BABY' tour to 3Arena Dublin

Aerosmith– America’s Greatest Rock ‘N’ Roll Band – have today announced a mammoth European tour for next year. Fresh from a run of hugely successful South American shows, Aerosmith will return across the Atlantic with one of the greatest rock shows ever seen and will undoubtedly be the ultimate must see event of 2017 as the band embark upon this, their ‘farewell’ tour, saying “Aero-Vederci Baby!”.

For more than 45 years, Aerosmith has been the quintessential Rock & Roll band, becoming one of the most influential and loved groups in the world, due to their mass appeal, unforgettable songs and groundbreaking live shows.
Tickets Go On Sale this Friday, November 18 at 9am - Presented by MCD

Katalina Kicks release their new polemic single 'Guns' on Dec 2nd

Katalina Kicks release their new single Guns on December 2nd. Guns presents Katalina Kicks at their loudest, scuzziest and most politically aggrieved yet. Opening with a “cameo” from US President-elect Donald Trump, how could it not be? The Seattle-sized quake of Guns was written after watching Obama’s tearful reaction to the Sandy Hook school shooting. “It’s a song of despair,” says Ian. “The most powerful man in the world, and even he can’t stop the gun madness in his own country. And then after the Paris attacks, Trump said that terrifying quote about if people had guns, less people would have been hurt. So we sampled that just to show the absurdity.”

Katalina Kicks are a London band as only a London band can be, three nomads from different points of the compass – a Southern soul-searcher, a Northern agitator and a South American vixen – whose desire to make music lured them first to the metropolis, and eventually each other. Quintessentially West London band, first fashioned in the clatter and fume of Shepherds Bush. Even if they’ve changed postcodes since, their sound – urgent, questioning, loud and fierce – has never lost the urban beat of W12.

Together they play simple and direct heavy garage rock’n’roll: power chords and pummelling rhythms, fuzzy guitar and throbbing bass, big riffs and shouted choruses, pin-balling between grunge, punk and heavy blues. In Ian they’ve also a songwriter who can’t help but use his band as a platform to air his anxieties about the world around him. “I would never pigeonhole us as a ‘political band’,” he explains. “I just write about things I see and hear that upset me. We’re not preaching at anyone or trying to change the world. We’re just saying these are the things that affect and worry us. They’re too important not to talk about, whether in conversation or in rock’n’roll. That’s all we try to do.”

On Wednesday November 30th Katalina Kicks launch Guns at 93 Feet East, Brick Lane London with a free gig.

YELLOWCARD Announce Their FINAL Two Shows Ever

The end is near for YELLOWCARD and as we embark on the final months before the band take their final onstage bow, they have announced their very last shows ever as a band. Said vocalist/guitarist Ryan Key: “Due to incredible demand, we have decided to add two final shows in Southern California to the tour. On March 24th, we will be performing Ocean Avenue in full at The Novo in Los Angeles. On March 25th, at the brand new House of Blues Anaheim, we will be ending the story in the city where we played our first sold out show.”

Along with the rescheduled shows in Albuquerque, NM (March 21st @ Sunshine Theater) and Tempe, AZ (March 22nd @ Marque Theatre) due to Key’s bout of laryngitis last month, these SoCal dates cap off the band’s two decade strong career and give fans one final opportunity to say farewell.

“We will be forever grateful to Yellowcard fans all over the world for the opportunities you have given us,” said the band in a joint statement earlier this year. “We have played shows for nearly two decades on six continents and had the chance to keep recording the music we love year after year. While it is with sadness that we say goodbye, it is with gratitude and amazement that we look back on a career we can be proud of, and were so very lucky to have had.”

Tickets for these last two dates will go on sale to the general public on Friday, November 18th at 10:00am Pacific. “Please come say farewell with us at these, the last Yellowcard shows,” concluded Key.

The final self-titled album YELLOWCARD was released on September 30, 2016 via Hopeless Records. Yellowcard is Ryan Key (vocals, guitars), Sean Mackin (violins), Ryan Mendez (guitar), and Josh Portman (bass).

Nov 15 Baltimore Soundstage Baltimore, MD Nov 17 The Fillmore Charlotte, NC Nov 18 Mavericks at The Landing Jacksonville, FL Nov 19 The Masquerade – Heaven Stage Atlanta, GA Nov 20 Revolution Live Fort Lauderdale, FL Nov 22 House of Blues Lake Buena Vista, FL Nov 23 House of Blues Lake Buena Vista, FL March 21 Sunshine Theater (rescheduled) Albuquerque, NM March 22 Marquee Theatre (rescheduled) Tempe, AZ March 24 Novo Los Angeles, CA March 25 House of Blues Anaheim Anaheim, CA

Monday 14 November 2016

ATTILA bring CHAOS to the UK... announce headline tour

Fresh from unleashing their latest slab of unapologetically brutal party beats, ATTILA are ready to bring the CHAOS to the UK. Frontman Fronz commented: "We are EXTREMELY excited to come back to the U.K. for a headlining tour. It's been long overdue. We just released our new album CHAOS and we're stoked to play some new songs for the very first time! This will be our biggest U.K. Tour yet!"

The Atlanta US based band are currently touring state-side, check out this snippet of the mayhem unfolding in the moshpit and get yourselves prepped for the UK dates coming this April.

Dates as follows, tickets on-sale Wednesday 16th November: Saturday 1st April – Glasgow – Garage Sunday 2nd April – Leeds – Key Club Monday 3rd April – Nottingham – Rescue Rooms Tuesday 4th April – Birmingham – O2 Academy 2 Wednesday 5th April – Bristol – Marble Factory Thursday 6th April – Manchester – Academy 2 Friday 7th April – London – Electric Ballroom Sunday 9th April – Southampton – Engine Rooms


Greywind have made an acoustic version of ‘Afterthoughts’ available on Spotify.   The album, ‘Afterthoughts’, was recorded with producer Jason Perry in Texas and is available to pre-order.

Meanwhile, Greywind are preparing to join FARRO (previously of Paramore) on his UK acoustic tour starting in Norwich on November 17th and ending in London on November 29th.

  All dates with FARRO as follows:   Nov 17 Waterfront Studio, Norwich                      Nov 18 Key Club, Leeds                Nov 19 Think Tank, Newcastle                                Nov 20 Cathouse, Glasgow                         Nov 22 Sound Control, Manchester        Nov 23 Bodega, Nottingham Nov 24 Mama Roux's, Birmingham Nov 25 Fighting Cocks, Kingston                             Nov 26 Moles, Bath        Nov 28 Joiners, Southampton   Nov 29 The Borderline, London

You Me At Six singer Josh to lobby ticket tout bill at the House Of Commons

The You Me At Six frontman will give evidence at the House of Commons on November 15th as part of a one-off session held by the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, which aims to pass through parliament an amendment to the Digital Economy Bill to stop the use of digital purchasing software by ticket touts. The session, which will consider a range of issues on the topic, will be available online at

Josh is the only musician taking part in the campaign and is very passionate about the cause, he adds “We are fighting the battle for fair prices for live music fans. Every artist's touring career is built on the passion and support of their fanbase. For those true supporters to be ripped off by secondary sites and being charged double, treble the face value for the right to see their favorite artists is unacceptable"

You Me At Six have recently been making waves with new single ‘Night People’, which recently spent 7 weeks on the BBC Radio 1 playlist and has been streamed over three millions times to date. Their highly anticipated fifth studio album Night People is due for release January 13th 2017 through Infectious Music.

he album will help to cement their status as one of the most important rock bands to emerge from the UK. It was recorded in Nashville at Black Bird Studios with Grammy award-winning producer Jacquire King (Kings Of Leon, James Bay) and mixed by Andrew Scheps (Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chilli Peppers).

UK TOUR - April: 3rd – Newcastle, O2 Academy 5th – Plymouth, Pavilions 6th – Blackburn, King George's Hall 7th – Doncaster, The Dome 10th – Birmingham, O2 Academy 11th – Bournemouth, Solent Hall 13th – Glasgow, SECC 14th – Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena 15th – London, Alexandra Palace

YOU ME AT SIX have had a hugely successful career to date, selling over 600,000 albums globally. The band have had 3 top 5 albums including a UK number 1 on their last release, Cavalier Youth. With new tour dates scheduled and anticipation building for their upcoming album, it looks like 2017 is going to be another huge year for the band.

Sunday 13 November 2016

Idlewar bring the glory ahead of UK tour with Stone Broken

Calfornian rock trio IDLEWAR have unveiled the video for 'Glory', the latest track to be released from their extremely well received debut album, 'Impulse'.

With less than two weeks to go before the Californians make their live debut in the United Kingdom, this new music video features Idlewar at rehearsal, jamming songs in preparation for a UK tour with STONE BROKEN, and their slot at this year's SOLD OUT Rockstock on the 3rd of December.

With the release of 'Impulse' and last year's 'DIG IN' ep, Idlewar are fast becoming renowned for their material's groove laden riffage and incredibly rich hooks, whilst the lyrics reflect on topics that are more than ever relevant to society today. "Glory is about being aware of perilous times and preparing for them by becoming better people. We don't need to idolize martyrs or appease the masses. People just need to be the best version of themselves. If we all did that together, we'll be able to overcome the darkness." (James Blake - vocals / bass).

Don’t miss Idlewar live in the UK with Stone Broken this November / December: 24th Nov – NORWICH – Brickmakers Arms 25th Nov – SHEFFIELD – The Corporation 26th Nov – LONDON – The Black Heart (SOLD OUT) 28th Bov - BRIGHTON - The Hope And Ruin 29th Nov – NEWCASTLE – The Cluny 30th Nov – EDINBURGH – Bannermans 1st Dec – MANCHESTER – Rebellion 3rd Dec – PLANET ROCKSTOCK (SOLD OUT) – Idlewar only

Idlewar’s debut album 'Impulse' is out now via PHD, with the CD available to buy in-store at HMV, and online at Amazon, iTunes, and all other good digital retailers.


While on tour this summer with Sevendust, Denver modern metal merchants Red Tide Rising broke out a reinterpreted version of the Tears for Fears classic "Mad World" (also made popular by Gary Jules), which they soon discovered was becoming one of the many highlights of their set. Upon returning home, the band worked up a permanent version of the song with producer Mike Luce (Drowning Pool) and entered The Keep Studios to track it. Matthew Whiteman says, "We covered Mad World because it fits into the theme of our music. The choice allowed us to create a dark and melodic spin to the song that showcases our diversity in tonality that is demonstrated from the first note to the last. Besides, the song is a band favourite and we always wanted to pay tribute to it."

"Mad World" can be downloaded from iTunes.

29 November sees the band heading out on another nearly month long jaunt with brothers in arms Drowning Pool (also featuring Gemini Syndrome and 9Electric). The tour kicks off at The Black Sheep in Colorado Springs and concludes on 23 December in Dallas, TX at Trees. Whiteman adds, "The last time we were out with Drowning Pool they gave us a tour experience that changed this band. Their constant hospitality towards their support bands was something we had never seen. Their dedication to making sure this genre carries on was shown in their passion to help develop smaller bands like they did with us . inspired by the entire Unlucky 13 tour, we were more focused than ever on reaching the creative vision of the Voices Ep. We now have the opportunity to play with them once again and show them how big of an impact they made 2 years ago. We will be playing the entire Voices Ep in front of their crowds in hopes of growing our family. One things for sure, It's always a great time with our brothers in Drowning Pool and were honored to be with them again! See you on the Not So Silent Night Tour!"

NOT SO SILENT NIGHT TOUR DATES: 29 Nov - Colorado Springs, CO - The Black Sheep 30 Nov - Denver, CO - The Roxy Theatre 01 Dec - Wichita, KS - The Cotillion 02 Dec - Springfield, MO - The Regency 03 Dec - Waterloo, IA - Spicoli's 04 Dec - Lisle, IL - BaseCamp 06 Dec - Flint, MI - The Machine Shop 07 Dec - Ft. Wayne, IN - The Rusty Spur 08 Dec - Mansfield, OH - Whiskey Warehouse 09 Dec - Stafford Springs, CT - The Palace Theater 10 Dec - Lawrence, MA - Claddagh 11 Dec - Poughkeepsie, NY - The Chance Theater 12 Dec - Stanhope, NJ - The Stanhope House 14 Dec - Clarence, NY - Nashvilles II 15 Dec - Amityville, NY - Revolution 16 Dec - Jacksonville, NC - Hooligans 17 Dec - Raleigh, NC - The Maywood 18 Dec - Leesburg, VA - Tally Ho Theater 20 Dec - Dayton, OH - Oddbody's 21 Dec - Evansville, IN - KC's Time Out t22 Dec - Merriam, KS - Aftershock 23 Dec - Dallas, TX - Trees

EDEN - "Outbound To Wonderland", Released October 28th, 2016 via Triggertrax Records - ALBUM REVIEW

EDEN - "Outbound To Wonderland"
Released October 28th, 2016 via Triggertrax Records

Dublin based synth pop band Eden has been around for a while even if you may have never heard of them. Following a self-imposed "exile" in Germany for a while they are now back in Ireland under the mentoring of Sony BMG (via Triggertrax records) and proud to be delivering a brand new album called Outbound to Wonderland.

The vocalist reminds me of Mr Overland from the British band FM, especially on the first title of the album 'Don’t Wanna Lose You'. Ten tracks where Ian and Mark seem to have a bit of fun. They have been cooking delicious pop hooks and other sugary tunes, all with a distinct flavour that makes this album more than just a pleasant curiosity.

I am obviously thinking about Depeche Mode and Hooverphonic namely, with some titles like 'New Age', 'Good as Gold' or 'Soul Survivor' but don’t get me wrong, these tunes have their own cachet and personality and they have this distinctive ability to grow on you. A sure sign of well-crafted songs!

The production is sleek, well balanced and the synth led tracks are infectiously addictive. 'Never Again', the concluding title, has an atmosphere which I find is not so distant from some work of Perry Blake.

This album has an autumnal feeling. It’s cosy, warm and reassuringly steady in a world gone mad. Go cuddle.

Overall: Cool synth pop tunes!
If I was to pick 3 only: Never Again, Don’t Wanna Loose You, Broken Frame
Live Test: They are locals, so I will have to check. :)

Review by Pascal Derrien