Tuesday 31 January 2017

The Wild! - "Wild At Heart", Release: 17 February 2017 via eOne Music - Review

The Wild! - "Wild At Heart"
Release: 17 February 2017 via eOne Music

Beer, Beards and Bikes - can it be more rock and roll cliché than that? Probably not, but that’s if you are not curious to go past their borderline "cringe city" videos.

Let me introduce The Wild! and their debut album on eOne called "Wild At Heart". And then you may see The Wild! more than a ZZ Top on steroids, you may hear touches of AC/DC every now and then or identify other multiple musical influences spread out thru the album. That’s not important. Those guys don’t play games, they don’t care, they just want to play Rock 'n' Roll.

Attitude wise they remind me of The Four Horsemen: ideal comparison when I think about the quote that springs to mind when I remember the four piece band: "Rockin is my business and business is good" .... Indeed it is damn good! By the way The Wild! is Canadian.

Music wise Dylan Villain has one of those exquisite voice supplemented by a deliciously efficient drum and bass section completed by The Kid and his guitar antics.

It's nervous, it’s punchy and it’s rocky around the edges, albeit there in an obvious blues sensitivity behind most tracks. How can you not succumb to Run Home, well I suppose Mike Fraser head sound engineer has some degree of responsibility in this, beautiful track where the boys dropped all the imagery to make a track sound as bluesy as it can f#8king be.

If White Devil does not make your feet stomp and your head roll a bit you can still try Livin’ Free or Down At The Bottom, two little gems that I would love to see them playing live.

Listen folks, I could write a book about Ready to Roll, Another Bottle or Kansas City Shuffle but you know what? I bet you have already decided to purchase the album, so why don’t you finish the article yourself.... :)

Overall: Pretty COOL!
If I was to pick 3 only: White Devil, Run Home and Another Bottle
Live: A not to be missed I am told.

Review by Pascal Derrien

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