Saturday 29 April 2017

CHICKENFOOT - "Best + Live", Released 10 March 2017 via eOne Music - ALBUM REVIEW

CHICKENFOOT - "Best + Live"
Released 10 March 2017 via eOne Music

Once upon a time there was as super group which was writing a super rock n roll fairy tale. Who would have bet at the beginning of Chickenfoot that those guys would go beyond the album. A few albums later front man Sammy Hagar, guitar God Joe Satriani, bassist Michael Anthony (Van Halen), and drummer Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) are still making music together and even better: they recorded a new track, assembled their best titles and are offering a live album to their fans.

Divine Termination, the album, and Divine Termination, the title, are pleasant. The latter is not earth shaking material, providing the calibre of the group, but is well worth having an ear open. The studio tracks "best of" is like any best of: a cool way to cast an eye (ear I should say) on a relatively short but fruitful career. Obviously Soap On A Rope, Different Devil and Something Going Wrong have made the hit list.

On the live side of things, you won't be disappointed by the show. I suppose we don’t even need to mention the pedigree of the music powerhouse that has become the Foot. Recorded for the most part at Harrah's Lake Tahoe, it sounds solid, fun and rock'n'roll!!!

The particularity to me and the value of the document, which is Divine Termination, is the inclusion of Sammy Hagar’s old Montrose classic “Bad Motor Scooter,” The Who’s “My Generation” and Joe Satriani’s interpretation of “The Star Spangled Banner" – all recorded live in Phoenix 2009. For once that bonus tracks are really a value added. I am relishing those 3 tracks with no moderation whatsoever.

Is it the best live album of all times? Maybe not. Is it the best of the best of? Maybe not. But gosh, the two make a great combo and I can only wish that those four will continue to play together for a while. They seem to have fun and so do we. 😊

Overall: Likey Likey
If I was to Pick Three Only: Bad Motor Scooter because I am old enough to remember Montrose, Soap On A Rope & Different Devil
Live Test: Well it is a live album too so..... 😊

Written by Pascal Derrien

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