Thursday, 11 May 2017

DEMOB HAPPY - "Dead Dreamers", Released through Atlantic Records' US imprint, Taste and Tone - SINGLE REVIEW

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DEMOB HAPPY - "Dead Dreamers"
Released through Atlantic Records

Never in my wildest dreams I thought I would be content reviewing just one track so I ended up opening a file on my laptop with the utmost reluctance. How wrong I was!

Demob Happy is the name of the band and UK is their home base. Demob Happy is Matt Marcantonio (vocals / bass), Adam Godfrey (guitar / vocals), and Thomas Armstrong (drums / vocals). "Dead Dreamers" the single in question was produced by Tom Dalgety.

At the infamous game of who they remind me: I don't know and I am not sure, maybe HIM in a faster, more modern and less poppy version but it does not really matter, doesn't it? I think they sound like Demob Happy, mature, melodic and musically thought provoking. I like the story telling of the vocals and overall tone of the tune because that's a song not a collage of different stuff as so many so called arty bands do at the moment. Yes my friends, it is proper craft making with digested influences and all.

Dead Dreamers has definitely its own Demob Happy stamp all over it. Of course the production is sleek and thoughtful. But would you expect less from a guy who has worked with the Pixies!!!

Great teaser and great appetizer. I am now dreaming all day about looking forward to listening to a long LP effort.

Overall: OK, I said I did not like singles but I like it. I like it!!!
If I was to pick three only: Listen to it three times in a row then. :-)
Live test: I hope they will hop over that side of the pond soon.

Reviewed by Pascal Derrien

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