Wednesday 17 May 2017


Jimmy Lumpkin & The Revival expand their brand of Alabama-based soul rock with the release of their self-titled EP, Jimmy Lumpkin & The Revival, out May 12 on Skate Mountain Records. Jimmy Lumpkin & The Revival are playing the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, AL on May 19. They will be playing full-band at the Mermaid Stage at 12:30 p.m. local time, and then will have a pop-up acoustic set in the VIP Grove at 4:30 p.m local time. Tickets for Hangout Music Fest are sold out.

Jimmy Lumpkin & The Revival showcases the depth and spectrum of emotions and vibes that Lumpkin’s rich, raspy croon is so adept at conveying. On the dynamic “Troubled Soul”, Lumpkin offers a welcoming hand to a traveling loner. Atop soulful, bluesy rock and brass, the vocals astutely characterize the mix of heartfelt sensitivity and earthy grit that is at the core of Jimmy Lumpkin & The Revival. Conversely, “The Best One” offers a more subdued, curated introspective focus of love-gone-by reflection, with Lumpkin’s aching voice complimented by the rise and fall of the organ and the sparse drums.

TRACKLISTING: 1. Every Time I Leave 2. My Name Is Love 3. The Best One 4. Down To The Fields

Hailing out of Mobile, Alabama, Jimmy Lumpkin’s music reflects the heart and soul of the man himself: sensitive, passionate, and considerate of the ebbs and flows of life, all types of people, and the world, with southern roots clearly reflected in the shades of soul, Americana, and blues influences found in his brand of rock. A quiet man who loves to spend time at home, in his cabin with his wife, Lumpkin’s uses his music to speak for him. Far from a stereotype or trope of his environment, Lumpkin is one of the most progressive people you’d ever expect to meet from Alabama. A vegetarian and environmentalist, he is passionate about the damage being done to the planet and the life on it. Writing songs at his home just outside of a town rich with Southern history and racial diversity, Lumpkin is acutely aware of the conflicts and injustices going on in the country and is passionate about making a world where all cultures can co-exist peacefully.

For his part, Lumpkin translates these passions and feelings into art that brings out the emotions needed to rise above the strife, yet remain resolutely human. Lumpkin is aided in this mission by his talented band, including Duane Betts and the horn section known as The Horn Stars (also known as "Sturgill Simpson's Road Dog Horns"). Creating and performing as Jimmy Lumpkin & The Revival, they bring out an array of emotions with Lumpkin’s impassioned voice and lyricism carried hand-in-hand with bluesy guitar, horns, and organ.

After performing at Hangout Music Fest, Lumpkin will be embarking on a solo tour in June with Sean Rowe (all dates below). With music made so clearly indicative of the soul and place it derives from, Lumpkin is eager to hit the road with an open heart promising healing and a celebration of all that comes in this life.

TOUR DATES: June 09 - Schubas Tavern - Chicago, IL June 10 - The Back Room at Colectivo - Milwaukee, WI June 11 - The Frequency - Madison, WI June 13 - Turf Club - Saint Paul, MN June 15 - The Mill - Iowa City, IA

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