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DANZIG - "Black Laden Crown", Released May 26th, 2017 via AFM Records - ALBUM REVIEW

DANZIG - "Black Laden Crown"
Released May 26th, 2017 via AFM Records

Not every day that an album from a music icon lands on your desk. Danzig's Black Laden's Crown is one of those. The unique voice from Glen haunts the entire album and I cannot help taking a trip thru memory lane including his early work with Misfits. What an artist!!! He has influenced not only musicians and many generations of music lovers but has also laid the foundations of what the music was to become for so many bands in the 80/90s.

Black Laden Crown the first track is the perfect stage for Danzig's voice. The music is stylishly and subtly influenced by stoner touches and together with the voice form the perfect story telling vehicle that Glen's is renowned for.

The production is clean and efficient while not showing off needlessly. The start of Eyes Ripping Fire is not without reminding me of some of the best Corrosion Of Conformity intros, same for Devil On Hwy 9. I swear I thought I heard Woody and Pepper (from C.O.C) the first time I played the track.

No instant hits stands out in the 9 tracks proposed and the first thing that may spring to mind is that there is no song as distinctive as Mother on Black Laden Crown. Having said that all the titles are very solid and cohesive if you consider But A Nightmare, The Witching Hour Or Skulls & Daisies.

I like Pull The Sun, the concluding track where Glen's soft singing style is taking all its dimension which for me is not so distant in terms of intonations from the great work of the late Chris Cornell.

Maybe not one of Danzig’s most catchy work but definitely up there in the strong and solid album category.
Overall: A super solid album.
If I was to pick 3 Only: Eyes Ripping Fire, Devil On Hwy 9, Pull The Sun
Live Test: Never seen him play but would surely if he comes to Ireland :-)

Reviewed by Pascal Derrien

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