Wednesday 28 June 2017

END OF THE WORLD Releases Brand New "One More Night" Remix with GREY

Photo Credit: Liam Wong

Indie-pop outfit END OF THE WORLD has premiered a brand new remix of their song “One More Night” with electronic group GREY on Dancing Astronaut. This is the latest in a series of remixes for the song, following their previous “One More Night” remix with DJ TEP NO.

The “One More Night” Grey Remix remix continues End of the World’s expansion into the U.S. music market, with the group now branching out into EDM/Dance music. The remix is both elegant and pulsating, boasting a memorable chorus that will be stuck in your head for days. It is a certified club banger and can easily fit in between acts such as Zedd and The Chainsmokers.

On the remix, Grey said that, "Both of us are really into Japanese culture, so when this remix opportunity came up we were on board immediately. We tried to make something that instantly put a smile on your face to try to match the vibe that the vocals gave us. We had a really fun time with this one!" End of the World, meanwhile, said of the remix, "We are big fans of Grey and have been looking forward to sharing this remix with everyone ever since we heard the news that they will be remixing our song! We really love the remix, it's super cool and makes you want to listen to it over and over again. It brought out a new face of 'One More Night'. Big thanks to Grey!"”

“One More Night” was originally the Tokyo-based group’s first step towards releasing music in the U.S. Fitting to the theme of the band’s name, the origin of End Of The World began at the lowest point of lead singer-songwriter Fukase’s life. Amidst his continuous battle with mental illness, Fukase checked himself into a mental hospital at 17 years old and spent a year of his life in psychiatric care. In order to regain what had been lost in his life, he began fully enveloping himself in his music and found renewed life through penning his honest feelings into song. Years later, Fukase reconnected with a few childhood friends and began writing and playing music as a group. The result of these writing sessions created a unique blend of Top 40 pop-hooks with lyrics themed to subjects like atheism and anarchy. As a nod to Fukase’s history in the inception of his music, the band collectively chose the name SEKAI NO OWARI, which translates to End of the World. Despite the ominous name, it was a new beginning for the band.

Both remixes of “One More Night” can be streamed now on Soundcloud. The official video for "One More Night" (featuring a cameo from pop-rock group DNCE) is now available to view on YouTube. Even more new music from End Of The World is on the horizon. The band is available for interviews. End of the World is Fukase, Nakajin, Saori, and DJ LOVE.

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