Sunday 19 August 2018

The Big Move - Dani & Cats Move Countryside - Week 1

Change is good. The new house was empty and ready that we move in. So no point to stay any longer in the old house and to hang on to it. The big move was scheduled for 11th August. The new place is 94km away, on the map up North and then to the left. In the middle of the country, border Co. Meath/Co.Cavan. On that day I drove up and down twice. The second time to get the cats. Oh my cat - the drama in the car. You can not imagine. Freddy was so stressed, he peed himself. Pheebie screamed the loudest and Sixxy meowed because of Pheebie... 1 hour and 20 minutes. The longest drive ever.

I was a bit worried that the cats will be scared at the beginning in the new house but as soon as they were out of their boxes they started to explore the house. And demanded food. And they seemed to be pretty happy. So that was good, nothing to worry about from that side. The cats were happy so I am happy too. So, that was it. After spending my whole life in cities I did it. I moved to the countryside. In the back road where I live now are a hand full of houses which belong to my so called "village". But of course well distributed over a bigger area as the land that belongs to every house is much bigger. I can't see my neighbours for example. From my kitchen window I can see the farm from my Landlords and also the land across the road is theirs. The next small town is Oldcastle which is 6 km away. Oldcastle is a lovely little town with some small shops, hair dresser, pharmacy, restaurants, pubs of course and two petrol stations. The countryside is the typical beautiful Irish countryside. Nature pur. Green everywhere, lots of trees, grass. Lots of space. Clean air, no rubbish. No city noise. Insects, birds, lots of cows. :)

Today is Sunday, the 19th of August. The 8th day in the new house. So what has changed?

1) The views from my windows (see photos below).
2) Shopping trips need to be planned now. So every Friday after work I will visit LIDL and ALDI, and maybe my Dunnes Store in Kilnamanagh and do my shopping for the whole week.
3) I have so much more space.
4) It is quiet. No party noise at the weekend.
5) The cats are more active and all three are best friends now.
6) The house has it's own water supply from a well.
7) The commuting. To be honest: in the morning it is a pain. Instead of 12 minutes I drive 1 hour 15 minutes if everything goes well. To reach the motorway is a nightmare as the roads have most of the time no road markings. And it is sooo dark here. No street lights. Cities are so much brighter. I have never realised this fact. Now I know.
8) I have 10 times more grass to cut at the weekend. :)
9) The people around are very friendly and helpful. My new Landlords are really awesome too.

Every day that I drove home to the new house I thought how lucky I was that I found such a nice place to live. On the motorway you can leave the work day behind and the closer I come to my house the landscape becomes more and more beautiful. The hectic from the city is left behind and the clocks start to go slower. I will update you every week about my new life at the countryside.

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