Meet The RockChickenz

Angelo, "The Egg" - has been busy in the past weeks with recruiting band members. Angelo wants to stay in the background for the moment but will reveal some details about his life soon. He is happy to introduce the first official member of the RockChickenz to you today. Meet:


Memphis is from a tiny village in the middle of nowhere. He always wanted to sing and play guitar. It was very boring where he lived so he did some stupid things in the past. Formerly addicted to pills and alcohol Memphis is sober now and lives an healthy lifestyle. However he is still very sociable, basically the life and soul of every party. All girls love him and he is always the center of attention. His extraordinary look, his charme and his dominant voice make him the perfect lead singer. Congratulations Memphis on your new position.


Louis was born on the west coast. He lived on a farm close to the beach. The next house was 10 kilometers away. He spent most of his youth surfing and learning various instrument. He plays guitar and bass very well. He left his home a while ago and came to the big city to become a famous musician. He likes the booze... sometimes too much. Most of his days he spent in pubs drinking, and day dreaming. In his dreams he is a famous chicken and he plays on the big stages. Memphis found him drunk in Temple Bar where he tried to make some money with busking. He offered him his couch in the band house and also a job in his new band The RockChickenz.


Sydney - or Syd, how his friends call him, was born in a rich area in the big city. He loves to dress crazy and he likes jewellery as you can see. He also dyes his feathers. His motto is faster, bigger, better. Syd looks and lives a crazy lifestyle but he has a very big heart... and a big passion for music. He was never really lucky with the lady-chicks but he hopes it will changes when he becomes famous with The Rockchickenz.

Angelo - The Egg

Angelo - The Egg, is the mysterious one. His idendity remains secret, for now. He was busy in the past months with recruiting the band members for The Rockchickenz. He also got himself a tattoo. He is thinking of getting more.

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