Saturday 21 May 2016

Album Review: AMARYLLIS - ‘Nova Initium’, released 13th May 2016 via Revoltage Music

AMARYLLIS - ‘Nova Initium’
Release Date: 13th May 2016 via Revoltage Music

After two successful EPs (10K downloads), Amaryllis - a quartet from London who has forged a solid fan base, is now facing the daunting transition to a full LP (8 tracks) with the well-produced "Nova Initium". Will it be new beginnings for the young band? There are some strong encouraging signs and despite the fact that the press pack mentioned Paramore and LinkIn Park musically I cannot help thinking Lost Prophets instead. I know I show my age there. :)

What really strikes me is that the band really has a knack for intros. They are superb on most songs - expect the forgettable rain. All the tunes are very well constructed and the lyrics are current while the bass and drums provide a strong platform for acidic riffs, yet providing a very catchy sound.

I think there is room for growth though. While some of you would have wished a subtiler mix for the frontwoman’s voice, I think Sante’s vulnerability transpires thru her style. But it is clear to me this is work in progress. Some songs suit her style more than others, such as Thorn. Personally I also like Basement where I think the band let his pop sensitivity lead the song in a more relaxed channel, free of superficial riffs and emo gimmicks.

This LP is not the finished article for Amaryllis by any means, they are very strong musicians and they will gain maturity. It is clear to me that they put all their heart and soul into this project and for that but not only for that they deserve the utmost respect. By the way I was told that they provide a terrific live set.

By Pascal Derrien

Overall: A nice to buy
If you pick 3: Thorn, Basement and Hold On
Live Test: Thumbs Up

‘Nova Initium’ track listing:

1. Thorn 2. Hold On 3. All We Have 4. Basement 5. Nova 6. Initium 7. Drown 8. Rain


Sante Moonie - Vocals Alex Whiteford - Guitar Stewart Whiteford - Bass Michael Mann - Drums

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