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Album Review: Coheed and Cambria - 'The Color Before The Sun', Released 16 October 2015 via 300 Entertainment

Coheed and Cambria - 'The Color Before The Sun'
Released 16 October 2015 via 300 Entertainment

Coheed and Cambria is a well-established band by now. But for those who have been familiar with their concept albums based on comics’ scenarios from their frontman: this album is a bit different as it is a stand-alone.

'The Color Before the Sun has been recorded live in Nashville with minimum overdubsis' is a statement you can read about the album on numerous blogs. You may agree or not that the product delivered sounds rawer or not, but you cannot disagree that 'Island' kicks off the album in great style with a very catchy tune.

I have not followed this band very closely but it was great to be reacquainted with Sanchez' lead vocals style. Claudio sings very well and is a big part of why this album is radio ready beyond the indie stations network only.

Nicely produced by Jay Joyce there is a variety of styles featured on this LP. Prog Pop, Punk Pop anthem tunes and more intimate songs such 'Ghost' with its acoustic intro or 'Peace to Mountain' which concludes the album.

But not all is atmospheric and 'You Got Spirit Kid' demonstrates that Coheed and Cambria can deliver a few punchy but melodic home truths to its listeners. Efficient backing vocals, strong guitars and aerial music make this album special. It also grows on you gradually as you get to know it better. The last time I experienced this was a Jimmy Eat World album - not a bad benchmark hey?

Review by Pascal Derrien

Overall: More than pleasant and appealing album
If You Pick 3 Only: You Got Spirit Kid, Island and Young Love
Live Test: Thumbs Up

'The Color Before The Sun' track listing

04.Here To Mars
07.Young Love
08.You Got Spirit, Kid
09.The Audience
10.Peace To The Mountain

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