Tuesday 7 June 2016

Album Review: FOUR BY FATE - 'Relentless', released 3 June 2016 via Amazing Record Co.

FOUR BY FATE - 'Relentless'
Released date: 3 June 2016 via Amazing Record Co.

Hail hail to the new super group on Amazing Records. So here is the line-up: John Regan aka bassist and famous producer, Rob Affuso aka Skid Row drummer, Patrick J. Gasperini; talented songwriter, and Tod Howarth AKA synth and vocals with Cheap Trick and Ace Frehley. Well worth noticing too, some other contributors to 'Relentless' such as AJ Pero (Twisted Sister) on his last studio appearance before his passing.

10 tracks for Four By Fate or FXF, that’s the name of the band. As you would expect: the production is impeccable for this Hard Rocking’ album. Moonshine, the second track with its bluesy intro immediately followed by a hard rocking traditional guitar solo is well inspired and get your feet stomping on the floor with that feeling of happiness that provides a good rock song.

The voice is pleasant and efficient on the entire album. However Follow Me is a cut above the rest when it comes to the lead vocals. The track kicks off with a false bluesy intro and morphed into a powerful song which reminds me of King’s X at times.

I cannot help comparing this group to Chicken Foot for obvious reasons: Hangin On, Levee Breach (despite a cool drumming intro) and It’s All Over Now, the power ballad with its touch of synth, are good songs but still are average tracks in my opinion, providing the calibre of the band. Now this album is full of guitars, the musicianship is obvious and well above the average and while the music is not innovative (and I know that’s not in the intent) it will please those who love listening relentlessly to uncomplicated songs.

Rock On!

Review by Pascal Derrien

Overall: a solid collection or rock hard songs
If You Pick 3 Only: Follow Me, Moonshine and Levee Breach
Live Test: Thumbs Up

'Relentless' track listing:

01. These Times Are Hard For Lovers 02. Moonshine 03. Hangin' On 04. Levee Breach 05. It's Over Now 06. Follow Me 07. On My Own 08. I Give 09. Don't Know 10. Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo

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