Sunday 26 June 2016

Review: Morganway - 'No Tomorrows EP', Released July 29th 2016 - Independent

Morganway - 'No Tomorrows EP'
Release: July 29th 2016 | Label: Independent

Morganway is British, and if all the bands in the UK are of this calibre then you can be sure the export balance sheet will be soaring in positive territory now that we all have to adjust to a Brexit world.

A generous EP with 5 excellent titles, special but I was thinking spatial so much their music is euphoric, reflective and the emotions carried thru the songs are almost palpable. By certain aspects their music is reminiscent of the Jayhawks there is an Americana flavour but by any means they sound like…. Morganway, this is pretty impressive for a 1-year-old band!!!!

The quintet is excellent and forging obsessive melodies that Yves’s voice supports with gentle keyboards waves. Personally the opening track 'Ain’t It Just' is one of my favourite song of the EP but you cannot really stack rank the titles, there is no pecking order. This is not about that. This is music in its purest intent. Their songs are different and complementary. They reflect feelings, human soul interrogations and perpetual questioning - we are talking TRUE artistry here.

The biography mentioned Norfolk rural outback, Fleetwood Mac, BBC airplay a combination of various events and influences which seem fully digested. Imagine that the group starting point is miles beyond what some other average bands chase for decades - this does promise us an exciting journey!!!

Pack your bag it is time to get on our Morganway!!!

Review by Pascal Derrien

Overall: A must BUY, a MUST NOT MISS!!!
If you pick one only: Hearts of Fire
Live Test: They have a solid reputation already!!!

'No Tomorrows EP' track listing:

1. Ain't It Just
2. Hearts Of Fire
3. No Tomorrows
4. Baby, Let’s Run
5. Give Me Strength

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