Friday 3 June 2016

Review: Seep Away - 'Snakes', released 23 May 2016

Seep Away - 'Snakes'
Release Date: 23 May 2016

Music industry may describe Seep Away as Noise Punk, whatever this does mean. The thing is that I liked the 3 track EP within seconds of opening the streaming link I was sent over. Being a big fan of Black Flag and Rollins I find myself in familiar territory with the raw sound from the title Snakes followed by an uppercut called Again.

I like the dialogue and the almost hypnotic rhythm on Snakes. The singer Jay Sillence - not sure it is his real name :) - personify anger, articulated in a way that makes you realize the lyrics are genuinely based on utter frustration. Anger, the second track, is equally fuelled by music breaks, raw guitars and always this voice which does invite you to question why you should let people walk all over you again and again!!!

Produced by Dan Whiting - he is doing a great job at channelling the blend between punkish guitars and efficient back-up vocals, the EP has been recorded at the White Rooms in York. But one thing is sure, their music is coming from dark places.

Despite been formed only in 2015, they previously released Trudge as a single, which on this occasion receives a makeover as third track with the fascinating remix orchestrated by Industrial Metal pioneer Nero Bellum. I am not a big fan of remixes but I must say, it does work really well for Seep Away on this EP.

Review by Pascal Derrien

Overall: pretty mature and lot of potential definitely a band to follow
If you pick one only: the single SNAKES
Live Test: Thumbs Up

'Snakes' track listing:

01. Snakes (Single)
02. Again (B-Side)
03. Trudge (Remix by Nero Bellum of Psyclon Nine - Bonus Track)

By 'Snakes' here!

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