Tuesday 26 July 2016

Hunter & The Bear - "Renegade", RD: 5th August 2016 via Dog Monday Records

Hunter & The Bear, one of the UK’s most exciting new bands and pioneers of a long anticipated resurgence of rock & roll, have just dropped their brand new single. Hunter & The Bear are a four-piece whose combination of melodic sensibility with riff-laden tunes represents the very best of guitar-driven music today. While the biting tones and driving rhythms of ‘Renegade’ stay true to hard-edged origins, for Hunter & The Bear the song is king. Intelligently overlaying well-crafted melodies over thunderous soundscapes, Hunter & The Bear have reengineered and revitalised guitar-based music for the modern age.

On top of their polished studio offerings, the band have a fierce reputation as a live act. Hunter & The Bear’s live show is truly a spectacle to behold, each player captivating their audience with individual personality and total command of their instruments. The group reveal a range of surprises throughout each set, showcasing a wide spectrum of styles from driving rock to acoustic ballads. Over the past few years they have set crowds alight at the UK’s major summer festivals (packing out tents at Reading & Leeds amongst many others), embarked upon critically acclaimed headline tours of Spain and the UK, and supported one of their most eminent forebears, Eric Clapton, on his most recent arena tour.

In a move that is typical of the band’s hard working ethos, summer 2016 will see Hunter & The Bear set out on an exciting and highly ambitious project. Anticipating their first full length record in early 2017, Hunter & TheBear will release one single a month, to give audiences a teasing insight into the band at work as they develop their increasingly mature and compelling sound. ‘Renegade’ - the first single from the project - is a fast-paced, fist-pumping track that shows all the hallmarks of a modern rock classic.

An anthem fit for wild nights or blasting on the road, the bold power of ‘Renegade’ announces Hunter & The Bear as one of the best new bands on the UK scene and promises much for the releases of the months ahead. With unquestionable talent and a subtle musical intelligence, Hunter & The Bear’s ‘Renegade’ is a track that reinstates the guitar to its rightful place at the heart of the UK music scene.

We can't wait to present you the new single soon. Until then check out their previous songs & catch them live. Tour dates HERE

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