Sunday 31 July 2016

Review: Corbu - 'Crayon Soul', Release 5th August 2016 via 3Beat (EU) & Big Picnic (US)

Corbu - 'Crayon Soul'
Release date: 5th August 2016 via 3Beat (EU) & Big Picnic (US)

It is pretty hard to describe Corbu’s music. It is so much of a melting pot that I would be pretty difficult to box it in one genre or another and that’s actually a good thing. Battles, the fantastic single is probably the most radio friendly track of the album. Jonathan Graves, the main man on this project, is the lead architect. But not only has he designed the overarching principles of Crayon Soul, he is also its ultimate sound builder.

I read an article in the Guardian about Jonathan Graves being a day dreamer and having some difficulty to make a difference between day dreaming and reality. I like that Crayon Soul is poetic in its own way, I like the nonchalance of Neon Hallway. Through Emptiness intro is magical to a point; it gently transports you to dream highland (island) before delicately bringing you back down to an aerial guitar station.

Branches, one of the other titles, reminds me of an episode of Space 1999. I have the same feelings toward Branches - I am fascinated by the track, troubled by its intent but then comes a time where I settle in reflection mode. I love the track but I am also apprehensive about where it can take me. No matter what, I keep coming back to it as I am hooked up on its sheer musicality.

Prism on the other hand seem lighter at first, with some percussions and beautiful vocals. A particular groove is the musical stamp on this track and again it is difficult not to be carried away.

I was thinking that the other tracks: Watchmaker and Marching Orders - actually all the songs - have this particularity that no matter how many times you listen to it, it never sounds the same the following time. And while you keep reiterating the experience trying to capture the emotions of the previous listening attempt... it keeps escaping...

You have to be open and welcoming. This is not a regular album, it’s an experience, inviting you to chase YOUR DREAMS.

Review by Pascal Derrien

Overall: Intriguing, beautiful and unique
If You pick 3 only: A tough task as it is difficult to dissociate one track from another.
However: Battles; Branches and Watchmaker
Live test: Curious to see this on stage

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