Thursday 4 August 2016


Coral Springs, FL | August 3rd, 2016, South Florida's rising star Sebastian Quintero offers his first full album under the moniker The Mayfair. A culmination of countless sources, The Mayfair cites The 1975 and Aaron Gillespie as some of his biggest influences. Quintero went to Salt Lake City, Utah in August 2015 to work closely with Aaron Gillespie on producing his debut album, fine tuning his musicianship simultaneously. Glass House pays attention to the finest details in songwriting and reaches for the stars with its raw, emotive style. Writing the album with his idol Mr. Gillespie was an experience in itself, Quintero explains:

"I just brought ideas to the studio. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to sound like, and I didn't know exactly what I wanted to sing about. I sat on a couch with a guitar and Aaron sat in front of me with a pen and paper. I played and sang everything I had, and we shaped my ideas into fleshed out, cohesive songs. It was very special that he took the time to work with me on this record and I am incredibly proud to be able to put this out there for the world to hear."

The Mayfair is the brain child of Sebastian Quintero. He incorporates Post Rock, Indie, Pop and many other styles into his unique brand of music, including driving beats, raw guitars and a mixture of refined vocal approaches and raspy breakups to move the listener through his album Glass House.

The Mayfair has provided support to many national touring bands including; Further Seems Forever and MEWITHOUTYOU, and is taking over the local music circuit in the sunshine state while working towards a Re-release of Glass House with 3 alternate tracks on September 16th, a national tour, as well as several other session-styled performances.

Stream "Glass House" now HERE

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