Sunday 9 October 2016

Album Review: RAGING SPEEDHORN - 'Lost Ritual', Released July 15th, 2016

Released July 15th, 2016

Interesting that Raging Speedhorn is back! Their style has been described as heavy metal, sludge metal or nu metal even. Well I think it is obviously metal with a hint of hardcore influence, especially with vocalist Frank Regan.

This is the first album in 11 years... but before heading into the studios those guys have been tirelessly touring for almost two years and it pays off. Let’s get it out of the way guys: 'Lost Ritual' is a good album - a very good album indeed.

Bring Out Your Dead, the opening track is a killer, Motorhead, the track :), is a turbo train, Evil or Mental Bass line will introduce your head to a trashing up and down festival while your ears will be delighted to handle Comin’ Home. Its sound reminiscent of C.O.C at times.

Well produced by Russ Russell at the Parlour Studios, this album was made possible by the incredible Pledge donations by fans around the world. Strong follow up and peers respect seem to go in pair when it comes to this band, so no wonder why Monster Magnet picked Half Way To Hell for a split 7. If this is not a sign of recognition, what is it then?

Listen peeps, I am not gonna labour the point: this is good music if you like your metal hot, violent and in your face! But be careful: Raging Speedhorn take no prisoners... You have been warned!

Overall: I told you that you are listening to this album at your own risk.
If I was to pick 3 only: Bring Out Your Dead, Comin’ Home, Halfway to Hell
Live Test: Your have been warned. :)

Review by Pascal Derrien

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