Tuesday 1 November 2016

JOANovARC - 'Ride Of Your Life', Released November 11th, 2016 via Red Vixen Records - ALBUM REVIEW

JOANovARC - 'Ride Of Your Life'
Released November 11th, 2016 via Red Vixen Records

What a nice surprise that is JoanOVarc! The girl’s quartet from the UK is landing an inspired and very well crafted album produced by Gil Norton (Foo Fighters).

Guitars, voice, sleek production and a very attractive sound form a perfect alchemy that is producing a rather interesting cocktail influenced by anything from Joan Jett to Queens of The Stone Age. The album is cohesive but every song has its own cachet.

With Ride of Your Life you understand almost immediately that this is no Barbie music and you better drop your Ken chat up lines if you still want to be around for the second track. No rest for the wicked with the second title Dragon in the Sky and its bass intro and already this "cool" voice from Sam Walker that effortlessly drive the band thru the whole album.

The singles and most songs composing this LP are stylish. People will obviously refer to Girl School or Rock Goddess but I really think the girls in JoanOVarc are without any doubt a cut above their predecessors both musically and technically.

Going Down has a feline intro, Work is Strokes is like sounded while 5 Years is introspectively black 'n' blue. I was dreading to listen to the obligatory ballad and I must say I was taken aback by Peace of Mind, not only because it is skillfully crafted but also because it is one of those songs that speak directly to you.

There are a lot of potential radio hits. Live Rock 'N' Roll, one of the singles, is full of rock wit... the entire album in fact is fuelled by it, so fill up the music tank and hit the road!

Overall: Discreetly Awesome!
If I was to pick 3 only: Live Rock N Roll, Ride of Your Life, Peace of Mind
Live Test: Not me saying it :) He is: "Best live band that I have seen in a long time!" - Stuart Epps (Record producer for Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Elton John...)

Review by Pascal Derrien

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