Sunday 4 December 2016

THE GODFATHERS Ready To Give You "A Big Bad Beautiful Noise" on February 10th

Photo credit: Sean Robert Howarth

“THE GODFATHERS do not intend to rely on past glories - we can always do it bigger, badder and more beautiful than before,” says the iconic British rock group's vocalist Peter Coyne about their appropriately named brand new album A Big Bad Beautiful Noise (release date February 10, 2017 via Metropolis Records). “We'd like to think that The Godfathers have made a very special new album, but we'd very happily let other people make their own judgement on that! I guess it is an artistic triumph of sorts.”

Representing an exciting new chapter for the London band, A Big Bad Beautiful Noise updates their trademark epic anthems and packs them with solid, fresh hooks and melodies. Kicking the doors open with the searing title track, the band delivers a four minute bruiser that fuses social unrest, disorder, rebellion and a Stooges-like Rock & Roll feel into a joyous, new Godfathers' anthem. From the chiming wall of sound “Till My Heart Stops Beating” (“a testimony to the triumph of the human spirit”), to the yearning of “One Good Reason” (“the ghost of Lou Reed channeled into a dark, brooding tale of unrequited love & bitter-sweet regret”), to the percussive banger “Let’s Get Higher” (“a riff-heavy hymn to the 'joys' of dope smoking... destined to become a live favourite”), A Big Bad Beautiful Noise is an album rife with vigor and vitality, defying any belief that the band packs three decades of existence in their pockets.

Formed in 1985, The Godfathers busted into the international rock scene with their incendiary breakthrough Billboard Top 40 single "Birth School Work Death" (from the 1988 album of the same name) whose video enjoyed heavy rotation on MTV. Numerous seminal singles followed including “Cause I Said So”, “She Gives Me Love”, and "Unreal World" among others. Their blistering live shows have set venues alight internationally, and the band have become increasingly influential in recent years with artists such as Local H and Spoon releasing covers of “Birth School Work Death" and "This Damn Nation" respectively, and modern progrock band Mars Volta citing The Godfathers’ primal sound as a direct influence on their Noctourniquet album.

"I can honestly say I really am proud of every single song on this record," Coyne states. "We wanted to make a contemporary Rock & Roll album that kicked like a mule, and I think we've achieved that. Be warned though! A Big Bad Beautiful Noise is a very addictive album and you just might get hooked!"

The Godfathers is Peter Coyne (lead vocals), Steve Crittall (guitar, vocals), Mauro Venegas (guitar, vocals), Tim James (drums, vocals), and Darren Birch (bass, vocals). A Big Bad Beautiful Noise will be released on February 10, 2016 via Metropolis Records.

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