Thursday 5 January 2017

Unwill - "Past Life" | eOne Music / Lifeblood, Inc. 10 February 2017

Unwill is an alternative rock act from New York. Playing music together for years in different projects, members Jeffrey Ferguson, Ethan Keeley, Cody Weissinger, and Rocco Sylvio founded the band in 2015. Since then, Unwill has brought its unforgettable sound and energy to listeners in the Northeast region of the United States, and will expand its reach throughout the country and the globe in the coming year.

In May of 2015 the band revealed itself with its debut single and music video “Calm,” directed by Josiah Moore (Ice Nine Kills, Sirens and Sailors, It Lives, It Breathes). The song and video garnered immediate attention from listeners all over. Throughout the remainder of 2015 the band covered ground all across the Northeast, exposing its unforgiving live performance alongside such acts as Letlive, He Is Legend and Norma Jean.

In December of the same year Unwill released a live music video (also directed by Moore) for its second single “Ritual Escape,” showing off the band’s alluring stage presence and energy. Drummer Jeffrey Ferguson has become a favorite of Moore’s to film for his frenetic yet controlled performances.

In July of 2016, Unwill officially announced its worldwide signing with Lifeblood Inc. and Entertainment One Music. With this newfound union, the band will open itself to new audiences, who will look forward to the band’s combination of aggressive riffs and melodic lines coupled with a frantic and passionate stage performance.

Unwill is set to release its debut album “Past Life” through Lifeblood Inc./Entertainment One Music, featuring eleven songs that are unrelenting in their grim honesty. The album deals with themes of identity, faith, self-doubt, solipsism, regret, and the truest parts of our natures. Beneath the dark exterior of these songs, however, are shreds of light.

Musically, Unwill has been compared to the likes of Linkin Park, Deftones, Chevelle, Underoath, and other highly influential rock and metal bands. But the band doesn’t shy from putting its own spin on alternative rock. Within the eleven-song journey of “Past Life,” listeners will come across the many sides of Rocco Sylvio’s voice, smooth on one end and coarse on the other. They will also hear cleaner guitars mixed in with the dirtier tones, and soaring melodies alongside unapologetic heavy riffs.

Wherever listeners come to face Unwill, whether it be through live performance or studio recording, they can be sure to always be met with relentless force.

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