Sunday 12 February 2017

Liat - "Saddle Up"

Liat’s voice has a haunting quality that is somehow comforting, and a musical style that has been described as “folk-edge.” It is undeniably unforgettable! Liat’s songs range in attitude and are always evolving. She explains, “I am writing more about living life the way you want to. Manifesting what you aspire to be and more about loving yourself.”

Back in the college days during her studies in speech pathology, she took vocal therapy where she was introduced to many different vocal techniques. Traveling is another big part her life. She has played a talent show in front of hundreds of people in Israel, performed at a wedding in London, did an impromptu performance on a boat launched from Venice, and took a turn at a Portland Oregon coffee shop.

Liat received some formal music training as a child in voice, piano, and guitar. She then wrote her first song at age fourteen, shortly after her father taught her some chords on the guitar. During high school she formed a band, which played all over Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York City. It was at this time she developed her songwriting process. “It depends on the situation, but I usually improvise where music and lyrics are concurrent. I start with a chord progression, turn the recorder on, and start singing words.”

Over the passed 3 years, she has gone full force as a professional musician. She is a music specialist at a preschool. Singing to children under the age of 5 years old. "There is no judgement with this beautifully pure audience. They are down for anything!" Liat's inner child is always present no matter where she is. A personal therapy of hers, is playing live music during yoga classes. Her music has become more therapeutic than performance based. Liat is considered to others as a sound healer. Healing the lives from infants to elderly.

Liat's purpose is to reconnect the mind, body, and spirit through music. Be it live, download, on CD, or radio and television, you won’t want to miss this emerging and deserving artist.

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