Friday, 19 May 2017

Hunter & The Bear - "Paper Heart" - ALBUM REVIEW

Hunter & The Bear - "Paper Heart"

You Can Talk, the opening track, says it all. It sets the tone insofar, as you know deep down, that you are not going to let it go. You know you are going to listen to the entire album. It is going be solid, cohesive and convey emotions in a way that only a true rock band can deliver.

Rightly or wrongly, even if they are British, I cannot help thinking about American bands such as Vertical Horizon, Life House or even Third Eye Blind... Not so much for the music, even though they are probably not that distant from one another. No, what I have in mind in terms of commonality is the integrity, the craftsmanship and the ability to create milestone anthems, nothing less.

Hologram and Paper Heart in particular are a great platform for lead singer Will who can display his ability to reach not only the right notes but sings with his heart on his sleeve - literally speaking. The whole being supported by enthusiastic and efficient backing vocals.

I like the urgency in Who's Gonna Hear You and I hope for the band that many will get to listen to them and other tunes such as Renegade (tell me if it's a Billy Idol Like Intro) or DRK. The atmospheric I Am What I Am and its slow tempo is a beautiful contained piece of music. Funnily enough I was expecting the track to take off at some point in a very predictible way but it did not and I was taken by surprise by the ending :-).

This band, after producing a solid collection of singles in the last 18 months, is slowly becoming one of the most interesting Atlantic (prior Brexit) rock bands of the moment (it's a new genre only known to me :-)).

You would be daft (I know you aren't :-))not to be curious enough to investigate any further!!!

Overall: I am looking forward to more albums.
If Only I was to Pick 3: I am What I Am, Renegade, You Can Talk
Live test: Please let me know if they drop by Dublin!!!

Reviewed by Pascal Derrien

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