Monday 27 August 2018

Dani Moves Countryside - "Settling In" Week 2

2 weeks and 2 days in the new house already... I have moved the majority of all my stuff from Kilnamanagh to the new house. Just 2 boxes and 1 bag are left at the old house. I will pick them up tomorrow and then I can give the keys back to my previous Landlord. I cleaned the house last Friday. The house looks so empty since everything is removed. Sad and empty. I even moved the little house where Sixxy's mama had lived in to the new place and I managed to dig out the big purple rose bush (without any injuries). The satellite dish has to stay I guess. I can't seem to remove it. I don't get it off the wall. I might ask my previous Landlord if he can help, if not it will stay there. I was hoping to see Oskar one last time but he didn't show up. He must know that we are gone. Goodbye Kilnamangh. A chapter that will be closed by the end of this week. I will always remember my time in Kilnamanagh and surely I will go back there from time to time just to have a look. And to go shopping in my Dunnes Store on Fridays. :)

Yeah, so Friday will be my shopping day now, with a weekly big shopping, instead of stopping at a shop on my way back home several times a week. :) On Fridays I can go back to my ex-local Aldi and Dunnes Store and hit the motorway from there, that's good!

Last thing to sort out is the television now. With the internet you do not really need to jump into a contract with a provider here. There are plenty of options around. I have ordered NowTV at the weekend and will see how this goes. I picked the entertainment package so you get some live TV (SKY channels, MTV, Discovery and so) and you can watch box sets. I can watch on the internet already but it will be better I guess once I receive my stick for the TV.

My highlight of last week was sorting out my post deliveries. After changing my address everywhere I thought I will get my post as I used to get it. But no, my bank statements were sent back to the bank - address unknown. Ok, so I called the local post office in Oldcastle to ask why - but what a surprise. Oldcastle, the closest post office to my house, is not responsible for my area. We are already County Cavan here. No problem at all - they gave me the number and I managed to explain my problem to the correct post office. They then told me that you have to let the local post office know that you have moved there. Now I know. :) And the post man knows too. :) I was very happy last week when I saw the first letter in front of my door.

A big surprise last week was that my new Landlord said that I can have a dog too if I want. So our little family might increase at some stage. But I am not 100% sure about it yet. We will see.

Slowly I am getting used to how quiet it is here. On Saturday, in the garden, you used heard the insects, birds and cows. So peaceful. And when you look out of the window it is just green. No grey walls. The people here are so friendly. This is the real Ireland. I am glad that I did the move and can experience this. It is so different than Dublin. Although living in Dublin was nice too, don't get me wrong. Just different. And I am not out of the world. If I want to go to the city I can. And if I have enough I jump in my car and drive back home to my little green peaceful "island" in County Cavan.

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