Sunday 19 August 2018

The Big Goodbye - How it started.

The 19th of July 2018. The day that changed everything. A day I wished would not have come so soon. The day, when my Landlord came late in the evening and told me that unfortunately they will be selling the house I was living in for more than 10 years. The house that had become my home, the house in which I spent most of my time in Ireland in. The house and garden that my first cat Miez picked as her home, the house in which she had her kittens and Sixx was born in the wardrobe in the night from March 5th - March 6th 2013, where Pheebie added herself to the family 2 years later, and where Freddy came to at the end of last year. The house with the crazy heron which stood on the shed every day in the morning and evening, waiting patiently for food...

Of course not everything was perfect there. Oh boy, much much did I complain about the neighbours. The noisy party neighbours, with their partis every weekend. I will so not going to miss them!

Anyways, long story short... Since I while I already had the feeling that my days are numbered in the house. With the booming economy and lack of supply of houses the situation is going absolutely crazy since 2 years. Prices for houses to buy have jumped through the roof again and renting is becoming more and more unaffordable. And there is no sign of an end to it. With Brexit in front of the door the housing situation might become even worse. So my plan was anyways to move out of the city, to the countryside. Buy my own little farm house one day. On the day, the 19th of July 2018 I wasn't ready. I wasn't ready to buy as I was still saving for the deposit. So buying was out of the equation.

And renting a new place? But where? In a city where the average rent is 1900 EUR a month, where there is little to no supply and where the few places you can find do not allow pets. Strictly no pets allowed - I certainly would not leave my cats behind. Although I knew I had until March 2019 until I had to leave the house I started to panick. What if I cannot find anything with the cats?

But sometimes wonders do seem to happen. On 26th July I called someone who knew about a house that was empty and the owners decided to rent it out to someone this year. A viewing was arranged for 28th July and two days later I got the good news that I can move in. Goodbye Parkhill West, Kilnamanagh.

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